PoundemoniumJust As Ezra Pound Wrote A Homage To Sextus Propertius To Pay Tribute To An Important Influence, Julian Rios Offers In His New Novel A Homage To Ezra Pound As The Original Spanish Edition Is Subtitled On November 1, 1972, News Of Pound S Death In Venice Reaches Three Spanish Bohemians In London, Passionate Admirers Of Il Miglior Fabbro The Better Craftsman, As Eliot Called Him , Who Decide To Honor Pound S Memory By Visiting Various Sites In London Associated With Him Filled With Allusions To Pound S Life And Works And Written In A Style Similar To Finnegans Wake, Rios S Word Mad Novel Features The Same Characters From His First Novel, Larva The Poet Milalias, His Girlfriend Babelle, And Their Mentor X Reis, Each Of Whom Writes Part Of The Novel Milalias Writes The Joycean Main Text, Reis As Herr Narrator Adds Commentary On Facing Pages, And Babelle Furnishes Maps And Photos Together, They Compile The Parting Shots At The End, Dazzling Short Stories That Expand Upon Incidents In The Main Text Sound Confusing No So Than The Cantos, And Rios Is Much Funnier.

Juli n R os born Vigo, Galicia, 1941 is a Spanish writer, most frequently classified as a postmodernist, whom Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes has called the most inventive and creative of Spanish language writers His first two books were written deux with Octavio Paz.His best known work, experimental and heavily influenced by the verbal inventiveness of James Joyce, was published in 1983 un

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  • Paperback
  • 147 pages
  • Poundemonium
  • Julián Ríos
  • English
  • 21 March 2017
  • 9781564781383

10 thoughts on “Poundemonium

  1. Jonfaith says:

    He could almost put him back in a cage Iron cage in which he showed his golden age There he learned to kneel, prostrate himself, lowdown Ez his vanity on the ground, and to put himself on a level with the heavens.This was an insomniac endeavor, a wakeful Wake where I could not slumber, only mumble and reread The trick I read from others is to dash through once, revel in the rhythm and once finished go back and reread with the corresponding exegetical exercise recto verso, presto I do hope to find normative sleep tonight, this was worth the earlier privation R os unleashesa his usual nocturnal quest through London as a trio of literary comrades catch word that Ezra Pound has just died in Venice What results is often maddening but a wonder to emb...

  2. Nathan "N.R." Gaddis says:

    Juli n R os is a BURIED author That is good news for the anti Wakean among us it is bad news for punsters and manipulators of the ETYM.Beyond that, I don t know what I ve just read.Yes, Poundemonium is a book about Pound, Ezra fore vorname But I don t know my Pound I have neither the cake nor the eating sugar, flour, eggs from my Wasteland, but you might and therefore if you are an E.P kind of reader of poetry then you are obligated to read this book by Juli n R os.Yes, this is BOOK TWO of a projected FIVE.5 novel cycle which is known as Larva, a title which closely resembles the title of the first novel of the series you may know it as Larva A Midsummer Night s Babel Book the second is slimmer, and yes, you ll wanna have a short sample afore you go too far over the cliff of the longer book because, this , sure you won t know quite what to make of it.Yes, it IS wakean But not to worry too much because the languages mostly are separated from each other into distinct sentences rather than piled up onto single words And wortplay is FUN FUN FUNAGAIN.Yes, I don t know what it is about Let s reproduce the copy from the very back cover of this book Its words will be clearer than mine, and you should hear these words, those who have ears and shall open them Okay, I won t, but that jacket backcover copy is reproduced ...

  3. Cheryl says:

    A whimsical ode to Pound Not a front to back kind of read but of course, it s postmodern Three times was a charm I got it I think by not getting too caught up in content notes and photographs Impressive English translation for a text that was chock full of word play.

  4. Jenny says:

    I am going to give this book a 5 based on the quality of the English translation The book is a postmodern ode to Ezra Pound The structure of the book is innovative and the language is wonderful and very evocative of Pound s style I was transported back to high ...

  5. Didier Vanoverbeke says:

    Pisse partout.

  6. Steven Felicelli says:

    excited to read this excitement quickly waned and then turned into frustration and then resentment waste of time

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