Lion Heart

Lion HeartScarlet Has Captured The Hearts Of Readers As Well As The Heart Of Robin Hood, And After Ceaseless Obstacles And Countless Threats, Readers Will Finally Find Out The Fate Of The Lady Thief.Only The Greatest Loves Can Survive Great Danger.Imprisoned By Prince John For Months, Scarlet Finds Herself A Long Way From Nottinghamshire After A Daring Escape, She Learns That King Richard S Life Is In Jeopardy, And Eleanor Of Aquitaine Needs Scarlet S Help To Free Him For A Lifelong Thief, This Newfound Allegiance To The Crown Her Family Is A Strange Feeling.Scarlet Knows That Helping Eleanor Will Put Her And Those She Loves Back In Prince John S Sights Desperate Not To Risk Anyone S Life But Her Own, Scarlet Formulates A Plan To Help Save The King On Her Own But Fate And Her Heart Won T Allow Her To Stay Away From Nottinghamshire For Long Even If Scarlet And Rob Can Together Stop Prince John From Going Through With His Dark Plans For England, Will Their Love Be Enough To Save Them Once And For All

I am shamelessly addicted to staying up far too late it feels like stealing time , diet coke it burns so good , Scotland stupid country stole my heart and won t give it back Interpol has been ineffective for prosecution and thieves so I guess I m not that mad at Scotland Want to know Just ask

[[ Epub ]] ❧ Lion Heart Author A.C. Gaughen –
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Lion Heart
  • A.C. Gaughen
  • English
  • 21 December 2019
  • 9781619639287

10 thoughts on “Lion Heart

  1. Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ says:

    I ll never leave you, he told me, and I felt his arms on me As long as you love me, I ll be here, hidden somewhere in your heart I speak repeatedly of my all time favorite series They have remained the same three since 2012 2013 and not much has touched them It probably even gets to the point where people are like, yeah, dude, we get it, stop But I think it speaks volumes when we can say that no other story touches us after 3 years even after reading, what, 100 120 books a year Think about that We meet couple after couple, star crossed lover after star crossed lover, see perilous scenarios and heart breaking stories time and again, and yet those three stories can t be touched with a ten foot pole My point in all this Nothing has touched my top three favorite series of all time..except this one And that, to me, speaks louder than any words could.What I m trying to say is that this is now my fourth favorite series of all time And That Is Huge You have no idea HOW huge I don t give away those spots easily Something has to really claw into me for those spots to be given away, but my darling Rob and Scar have earned it From their first tortured story to the final heart wrenching finale, these two have no...

  2. Helena of Sparta ✰ (on semi-hiatus) says:

    I pushed him back with a grin Posturing braggart, show off peacock I accused If by that you mean I m the best damn archer you ve ever seen and you d like to reward me with a kiss, he said, drawing me back to him Then I accept And yes, I will continue to give you generous lessons to achieve my epic nay, LEGENDARY skill Ooh, what a wonderful conclusion I m so satisfied, right now This brought back all the wonderful Robin Hood feels from my childhood, and I strangely didn t mind how A.C Gaughen played with history to fit the story arc I ll never leave you, he told me, and I felt his arms on me As long as you love me, I ll be here, hidden somewhere in your heart I ship Rob and Scar like no tomorrow Their love and devotion to one another is just so inspiring They carry such painful scars with them both on their bodies and in their minds, but together, they know that they can overcome them, and that s just beautiful I aspire to find someone who loves me as much as Rob loves Scar one day 3 I may be a bastard, a princess, a thief, and a royal But do you know what the other thing is that makes me powerful than you I said He curled his lip at me I held up ...

  3. Aimee ♥ | Aimee, Always says:

    This review plus a book photography session and can be found on Deadly Darlings If you haven t started this trilogy yet, then you re missing out Or maybe you have started the trilogy but didn t like the first book Maybe you loved the first two and are just excited for this one Either way, you have to keep going because this book is the best in the trilogy, hands down.There was a perfect balance of interesting elements in this book, from politics to romance to action there s never a dull moment while reading especially during the last half holy shit.Scarlet is still the badass heroine from the first two books She already sounds pretty perfect, but I can honestly say that she grew and matured even as a character She has such a strong personality, and extremely passionate and loving Scarlet s kind of woman who loves her man, her friends, and her country I fully respect her for that.Speaking of loving her man, Scarlet is one of those women who take the lead in a relationship, which I think is incredibly cute and awesome The romance between her and Rob is just fantastic and ship worthy as a wh...

  4. Stacee says:

    I m not sure what I can actually say about this book, other than it was perfect Love love love Scarlet She s always been feisty, but she really seems like she s grown up since I first met her A while the speech thing STILL throws me off, it s delightful being in her head I refuse to say anything else about the characters who show up because spoilers, but there are...

  5. Bonnie says:

    I ve been quite the black sheep when it comes to the series as a whole so I might as well go out with a bang I did not like this one At all There wasn t anything seriously wrong with it, however, it was extremely uneventful and didn t go out with the bang and or explosive finale that I was kind of hoping for this whole time Throwing a wrench in the whole Robin Hood tale by transforming Marian into one of the gang was definitely cause for excitement but the story itself continued much on the same trodden path and inevitably failed to live up to its potential So, let s break down my issues with this installment THERE BE SPOILERS Scarlet continued to be problematic for me I ve gotten past her strange dialect, mostly because it s not as prevalent considering Eleanor has taught her how to talk like a lady even though we all know she s completely capable of it She has to begin talking like a lady again because her father, King Richard has given her a bit of land thus making her Lady Huntington The entirety of the story consists of Scarlet g...

  6. Sophie says:

    Lion Heart was sort of bittersweet, because as much as I loved the book, I just wished it wasn t over For the finale of the trilogy, it was the perfect mix of history, and action, and it tied up all the loose ends and answered all the questions we d had from the very start of Scarlet Now that Scarlet has been arrested and imprisoned by Prince John for Gisbourne s murder, she needs all her wits about her to survive Everyone else thinks she has died, and John doesn t want to let her out of his sight However, Scarlet is Scarlet, and she escapes, but she is still an outlaw, and has to rely on Eleanor s help in order to survive Once it s discovered that John is planning on taking the crown for himself, Eleanor needs her to spy and help return King Richard home safely Luckily, this takes her back to Nottingham, and she are Rob need to use all their resources to protect England, and stop John.Scarlet has gone through hell in these books, but she still won t stop fighting for what is right Now that she knows she is the illegitimate daughter of Richard, King of England, she uses it to her advantage, knowing that no matter how evil John is, he won t kill his niece That doesn t mean he won t hurt her, either physically or mentally She has to use everything she can in order to survive, and, luckily, she won t have to do it alone Her character has matured, and although she still isn t comfortable about being a highborn lady, ...

  7. Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥ says:

    I wasn t ready to say goodbye to the friends I had found in these pages Whether it was the side characters, who I surprisingly teared up for than once, or Rob and Scar, they all stood out and became unforgettable Each of them helped make this trilogy my favorite retelling of Robin Hood ever But I do have a warning, that ending left me wanting so much But regardless of the ending, if you re looking for a series that is filled with action, adventure, love, honor, and friendship then this is your book He drew a breath and closed his eyes, his throat working There are a million ways this can end badly, Scar I nodded There always were We started out the story with Scar in prison, guarded by a new character David Let it be known, that I absolutely adored David He accompanied Scar on her journey, after her escape from Prince John s imprisonment, and his interaction with another character had he laughing so hard The banter between David and this other character, who shall not be named, made me feel as though they were falling for each other But their conflicts, banter, and secret moments were left unanswered And I so wish that it would have been explained and touched upon Ruin Ruin were all around me, and I couldn t stop it none I brought it to me like I were calling it down from the sky But as their journey progressed, something was blatantly missing Rob My heart ached for Rob and Scar to meet up and be back together again I...

  8. Danielle (Love at First Page) says:

    If, like me just a couple of weeks ago, you have not yet picked up this wonderful series by A.C Gaughen, I have to say that it is one of the best you could ever binge read Full of action, swoons, heartbreak, and fantastic storytelling, you will never want to put these books down I fell in love with this re imagining of Nottingham and its fearless band of thieves I m sure every single one of you knows the tale of Robin Hood, but did you know that hidden within his fold is a lady thief masquerading as a young boy, a girl with a fierce will and a lion s heart This is a series that will sweep you away and capture your hearts, as surely as Rob and Scarlet captured their people s Scarlet, the first book in the trilogy, was a struggle for me only due to the romance It had a love triangle, which I m never fond of, and I hated that Scarlet spent time with the other guy than the one who she truly wanted to be with and who we all knew she d end up with I hate seeing the main characters with other people, and there was a lot of that in this book, so that sort of killed the romance ...

  9. Maggie ☘ (Wonderland-Reader) says:

    Sometimes it s harder to be bright when you feel the darkness inside you Sometimes the very hardest thing is to let the pain go I m not crying NOPE Not at all.Shit Maybe I m crying This was such an epic ending to this trilogy For the lon...

  10. majo says:

    There s this part in the author s note that says The greatest legacy Scarlet could have is to leave you questioning when history may not have gotten it right and who might be left out.The author didn t just made a trilogy taking inspiration from Robin Hood She made the story ba...

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