RetraceA Former FBI Agent A Brazilian Dancer Two Souls Haunted By Ghosts Of Their Past.One Looking For Retribution, The Other For Atonement Both Seeking Solace.A Solitary Existence Is All They Know, Until Fate Brings Them Together Mutual Attraction Leads To The Perfect Pact That Will Keep Them Safe No Commitment, Just Friendship And Sex But Nothing In Life Is Risk Free.When Suppressed Emotions Emerge, A Seemingly Impossible Decision Has To Be Made Do They Fight Their Growing Feelings Or Retrace Their Lives Back To Where Wounded Hearts Can Be Broken Once THIS IS A STAND ALONE NOVEL New Adult Contemporary Romance Due To Strong Language And Sexual Content, This Book Is Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of 18.

Bestselling author of the Stark series

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  • Retrace
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  • 10 January 2017

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  1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    FREE for a limited time LINK Retrace stand alone Two lost souls seek solace in friendship sex, but so much stand in their way Our kiss gradually, with greater energy, evolves into a battle of strokes, pants and, dominance Retrace stand alone is the story of two lost souls far off the path of healing whose lives cross Dance instructor Nia Mitchell Martins has moved from Brazil to the US to teach dance at a small town dance studio It s her attempt at a fresh start Her pain and trauma to slowly unfold with story.Former FBI agent and bodyguard Reeves Mitchell is back home recovering from an operation gone wrong The details of his ordeal, his guilt and the aftermath to carry throughout the story as well Reeves and Mia meet under embarrassing circumstances followed by several chance encounters Their attraction is palpable and a friendship with benefits ensues Since they both are on a hiatus from dealing with their feelings and their traumatic pasts they escape into a world of sex and denial Suddenly the condom in my pocket becomes of an exciting challenge With the anniversary date of when their lives irr...

  2. Pam says:

    3.5 stars Hey, I m the neighbor from upstairs, can I borrow some sex Reeves has rage filling his veins, guilt driving his need making him restless and unsettled Nia has guilt flowing through her blood, unable to escape her nightmares and her reality But as fate has it, it bring these two lost souls together in an unlikely situation, where they can hopefully find hope and healing We re just friends, good friends, with great benefits Benefits in his bed, benefits on the counter, benefits on the sofa, horizontal, vertical, and my favorite, wild, rough benefits Every possible damn mind blowing benefit But benefits do remain in friends territory for us Finding a semblance of peace in each others lives, they begin to build a friendship stronger and powerful than any other relationship they ever had Both agreed on nothing than just friends, but when the first and last thought of the day is each other it has to be something , right I think I ve just fallen deeper in friendship with you My lips crook up, and the storm inside me calms a degree to her timid smile ...

  3. Dali says:

    A pull at your heartstrings, sweet and sexy story of two people that find acceptance and love through their sultry friendship. Looking to escape her family and a tragic past that haunts her, Nia Mitchell moves from Brazil to the US to be a dance teacher Reeves Mitchell left the FBI after he lost his partner and best friend in an undercover operation Full of self loathing, anger and guilt, he wants revenge but spends most of his time bartending or working as a bodyguard Hey I m the neighbor from upstairs, can I borrow some sex In a nakedly funny twist of fate Reeves and Nia meet and keep bumping into each other Their attraction is instant, but their hearts and minds will only allow friendship Until their similar heartbreaking past facilitates an explosively hot friends with benefits relationship Because anything would mean putting their hearts on the emotional line Her eyes are indeed strikingly beautiful, but they seem to be in some perpetual mourning, even when she smiles Ironically so, just like mine Even though the...

  4. * Meli Mel * says:

    3.25 Happy Date Stars Our scars and wounds are a great part of who we are And who you are is so amazingly beautiful Without the baggage you bring with you, you wouldn t have been the you I m totally crazy about As soon as I read the blurb, I was really looking forward to this story I enjoyed the prologues that both Nia and Reeves got That way I knew a little bit about them before the story began It started off quite good and was even loving their first unforgettable meeting After that intro, I was expecting a very emotional and tension filled story ahead of me This did nor really happen until around the last 30%, or so, of the book After Nia and Reeves meet, they find out that they are actually neighbors Nia has just moved from Brazil to the U.S She is a dancer and is working as dance teacher to little girls She is running from her painful past Something has happened that has her feeling guilt She wants to start fresh and hopes to never feel that kind of pain again She changes her last name to her mother s and becomes Nia Mitchell Reeves is an ex FBI He has something painful of his own He also feels guilt for what happened to his best friend All he wants is to avenge him and he is willing to do ...

  5. Christie«SHBBblogger» says:

    ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 3.5 Dirty Scrabble stars Title RetraceSeries No Author Sigal EhrlichRelease date November 6, 2014Rating 3.5 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

  6. ✿ says:

    Before I start my review To my buddy Sigal, my lovely kindred spirit Thanks a bunch for sending over the ARC for Retrace to me I really adore the shit out of you friend Thank you 4.5 G.I Joe Stars Our scars and wounds are a great part of who we are Without the baggage you bring with you, you wouldn t have been the you I m totally crazy about Two lives forever entwinedOne looking for justice and atonement Reeves Mitchell is a man torn between revenge, duty, and honoring the memory of a loved one Former military operative, turned FBI agent, Reeves witnesses his biggest nightmare come true when an undercover assignment goes wrong and tragedy ensues.Now, split between avenging his kin and doing what s right, Reeves is an empty shell of what he once was, but is loyal to a fault for all those he cares about.He is described as devilishly good looking, strong and intelligent, as well as charming but, completely blind to what s right in front of him And the other looking for absolution a foreign land.Nia Martins is a Brazilian native looking for a new start in the good U.S of...

  7. ~ Becs ~ says:

    After really adoring Sigal s Layers books, I was very much looking forward to this one as she branches out into new adult contemporary romance This is a standalone novel and really quite sweet as we follow Nia, newly arrived in the USA from Brazil trying to leave a tragic past behind and make a new life for herself in a new country as a dance teacher Her first meeting with Reeves is NOT one to forget as he catches her with quite literally nothing to hide in a situation that s highly embarrassing for her and highly entertaining for him.She thinks she will never see him again but it turns out that they re new neighbours and frequent the same club so their paths are destined to cross And often I did enjoy this but I didn t really connect with the story of the characters quite as well as I did with the Layers books For a start, the truly doom laden dual prologue actually led me to think that it foreshadowed something far darker than I actually found in the pages within and for a while I found myself constantly waiting for something evil and nefarious to creep out of the shadows but what I was actually getting was classic new adult romance a young couple trying to put traumatic pasts behind them and find love together Once I got my head around t...

  8. Elle aka Leftie aka Shoebelle says:

    Complimentary copy received from publisher via Netgalley 3.5 Tender is the first word that comes to mind when I was trying to think of a word to describe Nia and Reeves story It s a story about healing and moving forward, about getting another shot of happiness, about trusting your emotions, about closure and fresh start.In the beginning, I was worried as I found myself only half engaged with the story and I couldn t fully connect with the characters I don t even really know why I m thinking perhaps it was the way the sequence of events were laid out Maybe Then I felt that some of the events were just superfluous, like the minor scare somewhere in the middle It s as if the characters don t have enough to deal with in their heads Also, I wasn t quite getting the degree of angst the characters were going thru, nor the undeclared feelings between the 2 at some point But I really wanted to keep reading because I thought the characters were likable enough so I did And I m glad I did It was nice to see the relationship progress for starter I started appreciating the little things like Scrabble I started getting the why s and I eventually bought into the emotions I got it Their...

  9. Lillian ☁ Cloud 9 Books ☁ says:

    3.5 Stars Nia and Reeves were two damaged souls with a painful past Nia was trying to start a new life away from Brazil, and Reeves was trying to live day by day with guilt and regret There was a lot of steamy moments and they had sex everywhere Somewhere in all the sex, they found comfort They also needed to see if they wanted to be than just friends with benefits Retrace was the first book I...

  10. Claire Robinson says:

    2.5 Hey I m the neighbor from upstairs, can I borrow some sex Stars.This book is an absolute hoot, although I am pretty sure the author didn t intend it to be that way, I hope that the version that is released for purchase has been fully edited and spell checked, because to be quite frank I was laughing so hard at points I pretty much lost what was going on in the story As below Spamming Tissues Pretty sure they were spasming, but hey what do I know Not long after we ordered in Italian and had it with a couple of wine glasses Were the wine glasses the starter, or maybe they work better as dessert Scared the leaving shit out of me Mmmm is that the living. I wrap my arms around him and he buries his face above my bare chest, heaving heavily She must smell reallllly bad for that to happen And the gold medal winner A very distinctive bugle meets my middle, when a mighty eager Reeves lands between my legs.Unfortunately, as I said the above did detract from the story a bit, but if I am honest I struggled to find much of a story to begin with It started out really well, we are given a definitive prologue for both characters, and their first meeting is unforgettable to say the least Nia and Reeves are both battling demons, Reeves we find out about at the beginning of the book, Nia s so as their story progresses I could empathise with Reeves...

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