A Wish Made Of Glass

A Wish Made Of Glass Deep In A Forest Glade, The Fey Folk Dance With A Young Human Child Their Kinship Is The Fabric Of Isidore S Childhood But When Her Mother Dies And Her World Darkens With Sorrow, Isidore Finds Her Belief In The Fey Folk Wavering The Love Of Her New Step Sister, Blessing, Proves An Unexpected Gift In Her Time Of Need Yet Even As Their Friendship Blooms, Isidore Begins To See That Blessing Is Everything She Herself Has Always Wanted To Be, But Is Not Jealousy Grips Isidore As She Watches This Beautiful New Sister Steal Away All She Holds Dear Driven To Desperation, Isidore Turns To The Fey Folk Once She Has Only One Wish To Claim From Them, One Chance To Make Things Right But She Must Tread Carefully For Wishes, Like Hearts, Are Easily Broken And Obtaining The One Thing She Desires Could Mean Destroying The One Thing She Truly Needs.

Ashlee Willis is the author of fantasy for young adults While most of her days are balanced between writing, reading and being a stay at home mom, she also finds time to enjoy forest rambles, crocheting, and playing the piano She lives in the heart of Missouri with her family.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 96 pages
  • A Wish Made Of Glass
  • Ashlee Willis
  • English
  • 15 September 2017

10 thoughts on “A Wish Made Of Glass

  1. Gray Cox says:

    LOVE THIS So, so, so beautifully written and the whole story is just really amazing Two of my younger sisters 9 yrs and 8 yrs , loved it when I read it aloud to them, and my eight year old sister just stole it from me to re read it I think ...

  2. Annie Hawthorne says:

    If you re looking for a fresh take on the fairytale of Cinderella look no further But I warn you, prepare to have your heart twisted with the poignant pain and beauty of this darker re telling Firstly, I have to mention the writing I ve never read any of Willis books before this, so I hadn t the faintest idea what to expect What I found was an immersive style with rich characters, gripping emotions, and little, unexpected moments of gorgeous wordplay She made me feel what the characters felt and I was completely invested in them You know when you read a book and a character does something that makes you writhe internally because No, this is such a bad idea, I wish I could stop them An author who can do that to the reader is a good author Her words are fire and I am only a fluttering moth Oh And have I recently mentioned just how much I like present tense It worked so WELL in this tale of heartbreak and hidden light.Secondly, the story It s about a girl whose heart is splintered with every blow it takes, and who draws the bleeding shards close to herself and away from others, believing that will keep her safe It is a story that hit surprisingly close to home I love books that make me think, that make me evaluate who I am as a person and this one definitely did I was brought to tears twice, once from heartache over the characters,...

  3. Deborah O& says:

    Ever since reading THE WORD CHANGERS, I have been waiting breathlessly for another tale from talented authoress Ashlee Willis That wait is now over I was overcome with excitement to begin reading this novella, but at the same time, feared being disappointed after my high expectations I need not have worried.A WISH MADE OF GLASS blew me away with its gorgeousness, not only meeting but in fact far, far exceeding my expectations It is loosely based on the Cinderella fairy tale, and it is written in first person present tense, which is a mode of writing that irks me, but I grew used to it in this story almost at once and could not begrudge it, which is saying something.From the very first, I was entirely enchanted and drawn inescapably into this story and this world, a fey and beautiful one, the beauty starker against the shadows The writing held me spellbound, the words spun together like the silver threads of moonlight and wishes I can describe it in no other way than to say that it felt like a fairytale The whole tale was quietly beautiful.It held many surprises and was not at all what I expected This is not a light tale There is darkness and sadness and the bittersweetness of families and friendships found and broken and found again, and missed chances heartbreakingly forever lost The story holds all the darkest emotions that can be found, poisonous and treacherous, in the lightless corners of one s own heart The heroine is flawed, as all people a...

  4. H.S.J. Williams says:

    Beauty.As the fey dance through the glade, so do Ashlee Willis s words dance upon the page Truly, each word, each sentence is exquisitely chosen, written with the same wonder and enchantment as Juliet Marillier Bitter.Our greatest enemy is so often ourselves, and the author unflinchingly writes a heroine of honest bitterness that will make your heart ache in unwanted familiarity Though...

  5. Serethiel ☽ ✨ says:

    Breathless and lovely An absolutely dazzling tale, every sentence so masterfully poetic, as if stolen away from a beloved sonnet I adored all the little references to Beauty the Beast and The Phantom of the Opera, too _

  6. Lara Mi says:

    Thus I tell myself there is one thing a broken heart is good for, at least, even if it is only to prove I possess a heart at all As a child, Isidore laughed and danced with the fey But her mother s death draws her into a lonely reality in which she discards all memory of the fey as children s fantasies Her father becomes all she has left to hold on to until the arrival of a new stepmother and her daughter, Blessing Blessing proves to be a true friend and sister yet although they grow close, Isidore can t ignore the jealousy inside when she witnesses the growing bond between her father and new sister.A Wish Made of Glass was far beyond any of my expectations It was one of many fairy tale retellings I had picked up and held no suspicion that it would stand out from the rest When I just needed a short read to bridge some time, I decided this was to be the one I was not prepared for the emotion and beauty of words I found within I have never before read a book with a present tense At first, it was simply bizarre I just could not deal with the way it was told and doubted whether I could appreciate this book at all Yet after a few pages and with the author s enchanting choice of words, this present tense readi...

  7. J.M. Stengl says:

    What a lovely story, beautifully written and alive with fey magic Isadore, our heroine, never feels at home after her mother s death, and when her father marries again she both loves and resents her new step sister, Blessing.This story is both a re imagining of Cinderella and its own thing, the story of a girl who chooses anger and resentment over love and acceptance until she finally discovers her place, her true Home I had already read the author s book T...

  8. Sarah says:

    Pardon my strangeness, but do you ever enjoy someone s writing so much you can almost taste it Where the words are so rich and sweet that your mind almost processes it as flavor Ashlee Willis s A Wish Made of Glass was like that for me The writing was so beautiful that you could feel and taste every bit of fabulous fairytalishness The story grabbed me instantly Several times I wanted to jump into this world through my Nook and reason with Isidore, or scream Don t do it during certain scenes, where she allowed bitternes...

  9. Kirsten says:

    reading Ashlee s The Word Changers, I was truly eager to read from her I had the opportunity to be an advanced reader for that novel, and when I saw that she was looking for influence readers for her latest story, I jumped on the chance BECAUSE in addition to being another book by Ashlee, it was a Cinderella retelling I just had to read this book.And it didn t disappoint in the least In fact, it went way above and beyond my expectations Even from the first chapter, first paragraph, FIRST SENTENCE I was hooked When I was a child, I danced with the fey folk How much intriguing can you get than that Isidore takes us immediately into her world, her story, and we re introduced to everything she holds dear Unlike most Cinderella tales that begin with a beloved mother s death, Isidore s tale begins with a promise of the future The symbolism in this story is just wow Strong, to say in the least When she dances as a child with the fey folk, Isidore learns from her mother that those special people carry their hearts within their shoes But carrying their hearts within their shoes is dangerous, as the fey folk must take e...

  10. Jane Maree says:

    This novella is an amazing and beautiful story The world and setting is so real and the descriptions are just wonderful, Ashlee Willis has done a great job It is definitely not the normal fairy tale but it is so much It is a unique glimpse into a completely different life a life of struggles, heartbreak and magical Fey folk The story really pulled me in and I could hardly put the book down When I finished reading A Wish Made of Glass I felt that I could just sit there and start all over again and find a completely new story as I noticed things I didn t the first time round The plot is intricately weaved and I was completely caught up in this wonderful story.Isidore is certainly a three dimensional character Her growth and development is well written and her feelings portrayed in a believable and relatable way I loved traveling this journey with her as she made mistakes and struggled through hardships She was very real and I could not help but feel for her and experience all her troubles and triumphs alongside her.Blessing is an interesting character As opposed to the usual horrible stepsisters she is instead a kind and beautiful young girl, just as scared as Isidore is to find herself with a new sister She certainly isn t without her faults but it is always...

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