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See MeColin Hancock Is Giving His Second Chance His Best Shot At Twenty Eight, He S Focused On Getting His Teaching Degree And Avoiding All The Places And People That Proved So Destructive In His Past The Last Thing He S Looking For Is A Serious Relationship But When He Crosses Paths With Maria Sanchez One Rainswept Night, His Carefully Structured Life Is Turned Upside Down And When Maria, A Hardworking Lawyer, Meets Colin She Begins To Question Every Notion She Has Ever Had About Herself And Her Future And What Truly Makes Her Happy Before The Couple Has A Chance To Envision A Life Together, Menacing Reminders From Events In Maria S Past Start To Surface And As The Threat Of Violence Begins To Shadow Her Every Step, She And Colin Will Be Pushed To Breaking Point The Stunning New Love Story From Multi Million Copy Bestselling Author Nicholas Sparks, See Me Is A Story Of Obsession, Reinvention And A Love That Defies Every Expectation

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[Epub] ↠ See Me Author Nicholas Sparks –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 497 pages
  • See Me
  • Nicholas Sparks
  • English
  • 08 August 2019

10 thoughts on “See Me

  1. Carol says:

    2.5 Stars

    Okay something s missing here..When I decide to read a Nicholas Sparks novel, I pretty much know and look forward to what I m going to get, but SEE ME just did not work It had a somewhat different flair which is Okay with a stalker on the loose and an unlikely leading man with a d...

  2. Krystal Bond says:

    Nicholas Sparks does it once again Yet another well written story about love, with a bit of mystery and suspense thrown into the mix The story was a bit slow going at first, I believe this is his longest novel yet I...

  3. ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ& says:

    OK, where to startI LOVED IT I ve read all Nicholas Sparks books so far and I loved them all and I think I cried A LOT with every book Unlike most of my reading blogging friends, Twilight did NOT start my reading addiction it was A Walk to Remember This cried a tiny little bit I knew where the story was going from pretty much the very first time the bad guy was mentioned the story was a bit slow, too long, too uneventful in the beginning BUT it was refreshingly non sparksy interesting.I don t know if it was because it s his first published book post divorce, but I really enjoyed the freshness of it.It wasn t Nicholas Sparks Cheesy at all If I hadn t known it was Nicholas Sparks, I would ve thought it was a nice New Adult Romantic Suspense written by a woman.I loved Colin He was such a non Nicholas Sparks guy.And I looooved his OKAYs What an amazing thing to come up with for a character.Well, I guess there s a per...

  4. Emily says:

    If you re wondering if Nicholas Sparks still has it after his divorce, he doesn t This was not what I expected It was not a love story It was a stalker, suspense, twist and turn story With so much detail oh my ...

  5. Debbie says:

    Disappointed I am a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks, but this book just didn t live up to the hype I guessed at almost all of the plot twists before they happened, so there were no real surprises I know this book was a step into a new genr...

  6. Alice-Elizabeth (marriedtobooks) says:

    The last 100 pages of this book just destroyed me, no joke It was an edge on your seat type thrill that I couldn t put the book down without having to see it through to the end If you know me well, you will know that I actually do enjoy reading books by Nicholas Sparks and See Me was a good read The plot followed Colin, a 28 year old having a second chance in life by training to be a teacher in College after he became aggressive, ended up on the wrong side of the law and having his parents throw him out The other main character Maria is also 28 and works as a lawyer having a sister Serena always looking out for her When Colin and Maria s paths cross due to a car tyre, so does the start of a potential blossoming romance However, Maria has some secrets of her own and once it becomes clear the two of them are an item, strange things start happening to her such as anonymous notes The thing is, this has happened to her before and they were the result of a case in which a young girl was stalked and murdered.The story itself is just under 500 pages long and does have a lot of backstory so be prepared to hear lots of things about both main characters past as well as their present occupations The part of Colin being a MMA fighter also interested me since I hadn t read a story before in which the main character did MMA It was a good read, just a little bit long but be prepared for the ending because I definitely did not see it coming.Final star rating 3.5 out of 5 stars I ...

  7. Dale Harcombe says:

    This novel starts off with an unidentified male person wanting vengeance on Maria Sanchez It then introduces the two main characters Colin Hancock, who has in the past had a chequered history with the law He is now seeking to change his life, earn a teaching degree and have his criminal record expunged One rainy night he meets Maria Sanchez, who is a lawyer From then on chapters are told alternately between Colin and Maria The novel turns into a love story, which is no surprise given that the author is Nicholas Sparks But the threat of vengeance from that first chapter still hovers Eventually it escalates to being than just a threat But who is the person seeking vengeance I enjoyed this novel and kept wanting to read it at every opportunity I really liked some of the minor characters in the novel, like Lily, fianc e of Colin s friend Evan and Serena, Maria s sister I also liked Colin s honesty and the way he responded to ...

  8. Ena u zemlji knjiga says:

    Kolin iza sebe ima itavu historiju nasilni kog pona anja i lo ih odluka, a sada je odlu io da ivi ispravno i izbjegava sve to bi moglo biti pogubno za njegovu budu nost Marija je k erka meksi kih doseljenika, radi u uglednoj advokatskoj kancelariji i ima besprijekornu karijeru Kada sudbina spoji Kolina i Mariju po inju problemi uzrokovani Marijinim lo im odlukama u pro losti Ovaj roman je netipi an za Sparksa u njemu ne dominira samo ljubav kao to je to slu aj sa njegovim ostalim romanima U njemu pronalazimo i elemente trilera, a kona an rasplet ekamo do posljednjih stranica Roman zaista dr i pa nju, karakterizacija likova je jako dobra, nije povr na kao u Kobnom zavoju gdje u ne...

  9. ♡ Kim ♡ says:

    Loved it

  10. Sylvie says:

    3.5 starsIt was as if Nicholas Sparks meets Stephen King, but in milder way, since Stephen s books are much darker and suspenseful Yet again that s just typical of the author since there are always blossoms an immediate chemistry and attraction with Spark s main characters Nevertheless, I didn t like how he changed his usual style in this book, he always focuses on the romance and the main characters developing relationship, the concept of this novel leaned on the suspense Collin and Maria s first meet wasn t love at first sight but it was definitely attraction at first sight, altough their relationship progressed very quickly The way Nicholas describes romantic moments in his books is astonishing, it sweeps you off your feet, but admittedly it didn t happen to be great in this book.There was a major stalker situation going on in this book, however it was interesting but in the mean time gave me a headache I kept suspecting on 5 different people at the same time, the author sure kept me of the edge of my seat even in the epilogue The characters were well written, especially the side characters Colin and Maria s fr...

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