From Wealth to Power

From Wealth to Power What Turns Rich Nations Into Great Powers How Do Wealthy Countries Begin Extending Their Influence Abroad These Questions Are Vital To Understanding One Of The Most Important Sources Of Instability In International Politics The Emergence Of A New Power InFrom Wealth To Power, Fareed Zakaria Seeks To Answer These Questions By Examining The Most Puzzling Case Of A Rising Power In Modern History That Of The United States If Rich Nations Routinely Become Great Powers, Zakaria Asks, Then How Do We Explain The Strange Inactivity Of The United States In The Late Nineteenth Century By 1885, The U.S Was The Richest Country In The World And Yet, By All Military, Political, And Diplomatic Measures, It Was A Minor Power To Explain This Discrepancy, Zakaria Considers A Wide Variety Of Cases Between 1865 And 1908 When The U.S Considered Expanding Its Influence In Such Diverse Places As Canada, The Dominican Republic, And Iceland Consistent With The Realist Theory Of International Relations, He Argues That The President And His Administration Tried To Increase The Country S Political Influence Abroad When They Saw An Increase In The Nation S Relative Economic Power But They Frequently Had To Curtail Their Plans For Expansion, He Shows, Because They Lacked A Strong Central Government That Could Harness That Economic Power For The Purposes Of Foreign Policy America Was An Unusual Power A Strong Nation With A Weak State It Was Not Until Late In The Century, When Power Shifted From States To The Federal Government And From The Legislative To The Executive Branch, That Leaders In Washington Could Mobilize The Nation S Resources For International Influence Zakaria S Exploration Of This Tension Between National Power And State Structure Will Change How We View The Emergence Of New Powers And Deepen Our Understanding Of America S Exceptional History.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the From Wealth to Power book, this is one of the most wanted Fareed Zakaria author readers around the world.

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10 thoughts on “From Wealth to Power

  1. Mounir says:

    28 328 3 1865 1908 1 2 5

  2. Rekha says:

    3.5 stars, really.This is a book version of Zakaria s dissertation, so be forewarned Still, it s not the most dry thing in the world, especially if this sort of thing floats your boat.Zakaria examines the question of why nations expand by looking at what happened in the US in the late 19th century Part history text and part international relations text, Zakaria argues that neither realism nations expand because they can nor defensive realism nations expand because they perceive that they ar 3.5 stars, really.This is a book version of Zakaria s dissertation, so be forewarned Still, it s no...

  3. GeekChick says:

    I started reading this book a while back, but it wasn t the right time I was in the mood for somethingbrain candyish Now that I ve begun it again, it seemsobvious to me that this is Fareed s dissertation Not that that s a bad thing it s just stylistically different from what I remember of his book on Illiberal Freedom Fareed can do no wrong I am sure once I get past the stage setting political theory section in the beginning, I will be captured by the story of how the US m I started reading this book a while back, but it wasn t the right time I was in the mood for somethingbr...

  4. Abu says:

    After reading The Post American World by the same author I went out to look for another of his books From Wealth to power happed to be my secon one Zakaria explains why America became a world power in the unusual, halting, delayed manner that it did This book puts the events of 1898 and the diplomacy of Teddy Roosevelt in a fascinating light He restores the fame and reputation of one of the great American statesmen William Henry Seward It s very well written with interesting, well After reading The Post American World by the same ...

  5. Diane says:

    This book uses several popular political science theories to explain the rise to prominence of the United States in the late 19th century The author s conclusion is that the growing internal power of the American state led to a greater role for the country abroad The book provides both an interestin...

  6. Wilson Mui says:

    Very dry Basically a thesis paper A significant amount of time was spent on explaining what factors didn t spur the transition the US took from a great economic power to a political one, and it wasn t until probably around 40 pages that Zakaria started talking about the factors that did cause this.This is much drier than most of Zakaria spopular, layman s work I still enjoyed the topic, but it slike reading a Special Report in the Economist than listening to an interview on Charli Very dry Basically a thesis paper A significant...

  7. Smoralesflores says:

    This book grew out of Fareed Zakaria s doctoral dissertation It displays the breadth and depth of his scholarship in international politics, political history and political theory It also showcases his tremendous talent for good, lucid, compelling prose, which I think is a big part...

  8. Jeffrey Mervosh says:

    Well, if you are going to read a book on IR theory from the realist perspective, this would probably not be a bad one to choose It offers some well guided criticisms of classical realism and shifts focus to domestics constraints on action such as the unwillingn...

  9. Sultan Al-khulaifi says:

    Fareed Zakaria provided a new approach in realism which he called state centered realism He, throughout the book ,proved that state centered realism waseffective in predicting America s foreign policy from 1865 1903 than Defensive realism.

  10. Jennifer says:

    In this book Fareed Zakaria provides a compelling argument that links the growth and expansion of nations with the nation s wealth and the centralization of power.

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