The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History

The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made HistoryHe Writes With Gustothe Result Is A Book That Is Never Boring, Genuinely Clever This Book Sizzles The Times The Point Of The Churchill Factor Is That One Man Can Make All The Difference Marking The Fiftieth Anniversary Of Winston Churchill S Death, Boris Johnson Explores What Makes Up The Churchill Factor The Singular Brilliance Of One Of The Most Important Leaders Of The Twentieth Century Taking On The Myths And Misconceptions Along With The Outsized Reality, He Portrays With Characteristic Wit And Passion A Man Of Multiple Contradictions, Contagious Bravery, Breath Taking Eloquence, Matchless Strategizing, And Deep Humanity Fearless On The Battlefield, Churchill Had To Be Ordered By The King To Stay Out Of Action On D Day He Pioneered Aerial Bombing, Yet Hated The Destruction Of War And Scorned Politicians Who Had Not Experienced Its Horrors He Was A Celebrated Journalist, A Great Orator And Won The Nobel Prize For Literature He Was Famous For His Ability To Combine Wining And Dining With Many Late Nights Of Crucial Wartime Decision Making His Open Mindedness Made Him A Pioneer In Health Care, Education, And Social Welfare, Though He Remained Incorrigibly Politically Incorrect Most Of All, As Boris Johnson Says, Churchill Is The Resounding Human Rebuttal To All Who Think History Is The Story Of Vast And Impersonal Economic Forces THE CHURCHILL FACTOR Is A Book To Be Enjoyed Not Only By Anyone Interested In History It Is Essential Reading For Anyone Who Wants To Know What Makes A Great Leader.

Boris Johnson is a British politician in the Conservative Party and the former Mayor of London Due to his public school, blustering, comedic style, he is generally either loved or loathed by members of the British public.

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  • The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History
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  • 22 June 2018
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10 thoughts on “The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History

  1. Dolf Patijn says:

    You meet Boris Johnson in the pub for a drink You mention Churchill and 4 hours later you leave the pub, wondering where the time went That s what it feels like to read this book I learned a lot of facts about Churchill that I didn t know before I certainly learned about the impact that Churchill had, not only on British politics and life but also on the rest of the world.This book is beautifully written and well paced I absolutely loved it.NB 25 06 2016 Aft...

  2. Andrew Smith says:

    There s a point near the end of the book, when talking to a grandson of the great man, that the author summarises Churchill s achievements More published words than Shakespeare and Dickens combined, wins the Nobel Prize for Literature, kills umpteen people in armed combat on four continents, serves in every great office of state including Prime Minister twice , is indispensable to victory in two world wars and then posthumously sells his paintings for a million dollars Not bad There s quite a bit of hero worship in this book Boris is clearly awe struck by the man but it s very hard not to come away thinking how much Churchill packed into his lifetime Was he the greatest Britain of all time Well maybe, certainly a poll taken in 2002 concluded he was But anyway you look at it he was certainly the right man for the right time I hadn t realised just how much Churchill was swimming against the tide in opposing Hitler It seems that there were an awful lot of appeasers about at the time and its absolutely conceivable that, had it not been for the Homburg wearing statesman, we could well have entered into some sort of agreement with Hitler Who knows what the world would look...

  3. Perry says:

    I read this in 2014 not knowing anything about Boris Johnson It s a pretty good book While I don t agree with BoJo s politics, at least the U.K will have a leader who has truly written a book and who reads I ve resisted the temptation to change my review or my rating.Portrait Venerating Lionhearted Leader Who Lifted Course of History, Facing Down der F hrer Providing a Perfect Contrast to the Leaders of the Free World these daysThis book s strongest point is its accessibility on the lengthy and complex history of this legendary world leader In a clear, conversational tone that overlays an erudite tenor, Johnson measures the near majesty of a man who played the leading role in stanching the tide of evil threatening 20th Century Europe and from plunging the world into chaos I was skeptical that this might be another droning...

  4. Steven Z. says:

    If you are looking for a personal, breezy hagiography of Winston Churchill then Boris Johnson s THE CHURCHILL FACTOR HOW ONE MAN MADE HISTORY will be of interest Johnson s effort is not a traditional biography of the former occupant of 10 Downing Street, but a manifesto imploring the reader to consider the genius and greatness of Churchill Johnson is concerned that as time has passed fewer and fewer of the non World War II generation have forgotten or are not aware of Churchill s accomplishments as he states at the outset we are losing those who can remember the sound of his voice, and I worry that we are in danger.of forgetting the scale of what he did For the author, World War II would have been lost, if not for Churchill, and he further argues that the resident of Chartwell House and Blenheim Palace saved civilization and proved that one man can change history.Johnson s writing is very entertaining His phrasing is both humorous and poignant, i.e., the French were possessed of an origami army They just keep folding with almost magical speed In his description of Churchill, he looked like some burley and hung over butler from the set of Downton Abbey However, aside from the humor presented, Johnson has a serious purpose as he seems to want to align himself with Churchill as a means of furthering his own political caree...

  5. Leah says:

    Blood, toil, tears and sweatWinston Churchill needs no introduction and, in the UK, nor does Boris Johnson, but perhaps he does elsewhere Boris is one of those few people who are known to all by their first names if you mention Boris over here, everyone will assume that it s this Boris you mean unless you specify otherwise A leading light in the Conservative Party, he has been the Mayor of London for the last six years and is strongly tipped in many quarters to be a future leader of the Party and possibly a future Prime Minister This is pretty spectacular for a man who is best known for being exceptionally funny on panel games, having a silly hairstyle and being an upper class buffoon who would fit in well in the Drones Club But that public persona doesn t quite hide the other facts about Boris, that he is a highly intelligent, extremely knowledgeable and articulate man, whose political ambitions reach to the very top Prior to going into active politics he was a political journalist and editor so he knows how to write entertainingly and engagingly You may already have guessed that I have a huge soft spot for Boris it s just unfortunate he s as...

  6. Alex Sarll says:

    Doubtless people will claim that this book is an act of hubris, Johnson attempting to acquire some reflected glory by yoking himself to another indomitable gadfly who then surprised everyone by becoming the great statesman Nonsense Give this topic to most modern politicians, and you would get something like that, a ream of platitudes topped off with a few personal anecdotes bearing the subtext It s not for me to compare myself to Winston Churchill that s for other people to do Johnson, though, has never seemed so humble, rightly awed by the sheer range and volume of Churchill s achievements He s perhaps a little prone to simplifying the background Sea Lion was never the sure thing he suggests Henry Labouchere was a much ambiguous figure than you d think from this and Johnson s line on Versailles is both misguided and surprisingly depressingly conventional On his leading man, though, he s not bad at all He doesn t try to hide the feet of clay opposition to Indian independence, women s rights, the almost comical enthusiasm for the use of poison gas he doesn t even break out all the guns he could when it comes to Gallipoli, over which Churchill has taken such an unfair share of the blame all these years, down largely to inc...

  7. Cathal Kenneally says:

    I m only giving this book 4 stars as it doesn t mention the famine in Bangladesh during the Second World War for which Churchill was blamed Apparently it was his idea to divert grain supplies destined for Bangladesh to British soldiers fighting in the Far East I m not a big fan of Boris Johnson but after seeing Darkest Hour l decided t...

  8. Iryna Khomchuk says:

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  9. DaViDĀ“82 says:

    Chcete li se pustit do ivotopisu Churchilla, tak stoj te p ed Sofiinou volbou Na jednu stranu si prost nelze vybrat vd n j objekt z jmu v ivot a kari e Winstona je prost NAPROSTO v e, co v s jen napadne a na druhou si nelze zvolit ast ji a d kladn ji pokryt objekt z jmu Johnson na to churchillovsky vyzr l tak, e se tomuto probl mu zcela vyhnul a sepsal v prvn ad strhuj c dobr tivo a a v druh ad ivotopis o ivot , kari e, d le a odkazu v klasick m slova smyslu Z hy pozn te, e autor je churchillovskou groupie , ale ono to v bec nevad , proto e na to nelze aplikovat n roky b n kladen na ivotopisy a ji oslavn , nezaujat i nactiutrha n Ne snad e by se to Churchillov m mnoh m p ehmat m jakkoli vyh balo, ale je to v t inou v etn t ch nejv t ch bot z blahosklonn pozice koukn te co v e dok zal, tak tohle je ve srovn n s t m pouze takov hnidopi sk d vno zapomenut mali kost, proto e kdo nic ned l , nic nezkaz Jen e s argumenty plovouc mi na vod i pon kud d tinsk mi Je to text, kter do zna n m ry popularizuje biografie jako takov a je to text, kter jednadvac t mu stolet p edstavuje jednoho z nejv t ch sv tov ch st tn k a t...

  10. thewanderingjew says:

    The Churchill Factor How One Man Made History, Boris Johnson, read by Boris JohnsonWritten and read by Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, this book is an in depth study of what made Winston Churchill great Until his death, in 1965, Winston Churchill was a man larger than life There were those that supported him and those that maligned him, but today he is renowned and revered for his analysis of world conditions and for his predictions of what was to come from events and decisions made in his time that would eventually affect the future of the entire world Boris Johnson is a great admirer of Churchill and he has spent countless hours researching this magnificent man Churchill often exaggerated the facts and insisted that he was right He preferred to speak in simple language to the people, so they would understand his message Johnson captures Hitler and Churchill to a t , and, as the author states, Hitler made you think he could do anything, but Churchill made you think you could do anything Churchill s speeches were magnificent even if he was not the greatest orator He didn t mince words, and he made his feelings widely known with masterful speeches The book is an absolutely brilliant rendering of the man who quite possibly saved Europe from German rule, according to the author who believes that Ch...

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