RudaliRudali Is A Powerful Short Story By Mahasweta Devi Revolving Around The Life Of Sanichari, A Poor Lowcaste Woman, It Is An Ironic Tale Of Exploitation, Struggle And Survival In 1992, It Was Adapted Into A Play By Usha Ganguli, A Leading Theatre Director Of Calcutta, And Instantly Became One Of The Most Acclaimed Productions Of Its Time Both The Short Story And The Play Are Included In This Volume.

Mahasweta Devi was an Indian social activist and writer She was born in 1926 in Dhaka, to literary parents in a Hindu Brahmin family Her father Manish Ghatak was a well known poet and novelist of the Kallol era, who used the pseudonym Jubanashwa Mahasweta s mother Dharitri Devi was also a writer and a social worker She joined the Rabindranath Tagore founded Vishvabharati University in Santinik

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  • 20 December 2019
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10 thoughts on “Rudali

  1. Gabrielle Trenbath says:

    Essentially, this story concerns the life of Sanichari From the caste she was born into to being unfortunate enough to be born on unlucky Saturday, her life continues to see tragedy Sanichari sees many of her immediate family pass away leaving her in a permanent state of insecurity Somehow Sanichari continues to cling tightly to her dignity and this allows her to discover opportunities to allow her to support herself.The realities of poverty regularly struck me especially when it is written, For them, nothing has ever come easy Just the daily struggle for a little maize gruel and salt is exhausting Through motherhood and widowhood they are tied to the money lender While those people spend huge sums of money on death ceremonies, just to get prestige This quote really is central to Sanichari story and the community that she is part of as well as her motivation to become a professional mourner Those that do have money use it to improve their status.Many readers refer to this book as a Feminist text because of Sanichari s ability to with the help of Dulan to manipulate the patriarchal culture resulting in her ability to support herself and not rely on men for life s essentials In many ways I struggled with this idea of Rudali being a Feminist book as I never considered working for free for a wealthy landowner...

  2. Madhura Gurav says:

    Although Mahashweta Devi asserts that her agenda isn t feminism, Rudali is a piece of feminist writing She has not only shed light on the problems of women in a lower caste setting, but also their empowerment This gives a positive end to the story.What I liked about this edition is that it includes a play adaptation of the story by Usha Ganguli as well as an essay by Anjum Katyal The play dramatises the story accurately Ganguli has managed to bring about the incidents in a dramatic way without compromising the story line She manages to pick up the details and fill in the blanks as per the requirement of ...

  3. Bhaveen Sawlani says:

    Mahasweta Devi s style of writing is simple and powerful Her work as an activist with the Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes of India informs her writing and her stories are as shocking as they are well written, a fantastic resource for someone wanting to understand the...

  4. Sigy George says:

    Too much to write about this book Though set in the era of advent of British era Mahashweta Devi has beautifully captured how women are marginalised in the society on three fold class, caste and gender The story of Shanichari will strike a cord and leave you thinking...

  5. Gijo George says:

    Awesome book

  6. Libin Varghese says:

    I read the play based on Rudali loved it.

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