The Loneliest Whale

The Loneliest Whale Joy Ramonnes S Life Is Odd Enough As It Is, What With Passersby Freezing Like Jammed Holograms Under Her Balcony And Never Recovering, And Her Best Friend, Julius Artin, Being The Epitome Of Social Awkwardness The Latter Can Be Excused, Of Course, Considering That When Julius Looks At People, He Sees Their Source Code, Combinations Of Letters And Numbers, Instead Of Their Faces But This Particular Day Is Decidedly Over The Top It S One Thing To Miss Her Ship To India, But Quite Another To Almost Kill A Stranger Who Calls Himself Whale And Claims To Be A Member Of An Ancient And Superior Human Subspecies That For Centuries Have Been Recruiting Millions Of Ordinary People And Altering Their Genes In Order To Ensure Humankind S Survival Through Every Possible Cataclysm.Now, Thanks To Her Clumsiness, Whale Is Cut Off From His Kind S Collective Consciousness An Event Unprecedented And, For That Reason, Eerie And She Has To Help Him Find A Way To Reunite With His Family, And Quickly, For A New Mysterious Danger Is Hovering In The Air Joy, However, Is A Little Distracted By The Fact That There Seems To Be Something Wrong With Her Eyes Something Strange, Alien Stares At Her Out Of Her Own Pupils, And Joy S About To Find Out That All Of These Crazy Things Are Little Puzzle Pieces That Together Comprise One Huge, Even Crazier Picture.This Is A Fairly Heartwarming And Occasionally Witty But Oftentimes Silly Sci Fi Novella That Will Make You Want To Look Yourself In The Eye Or Not Maybe, It Will Make You Never Want To Meet Your Own Gaze.

When Lily Markova tried to rearrange the letters of her legal name into a cool, dark, mysterious pseudonym under which to conquer the world, she came up with Kai Ivory Llama, and that is the only reason your world still remains unconquered She would also like her tombstone to say, Couldn t write to save her life, because that is the sort of thing she finds amusing When Lily isn t butchering th

[Ebook] The Loneliest Whale  By Lily Markova –
  • Paperback
  • 143 pages
  • The Loneliest Whale
  • Lily Markova
  • English
  • 25 January 2017

10 thoughts on “The Loneliest Whale

  1. Faith Jones says:

    An opaque, porcelain bubble of a book written for people whose feet never quite connect with floors, beautiful in ways that only senseless things can be , fumbling in caverns of the soul, a whale sings at the wrong frequency and is never heard, a rushing man awaits a lift like a metal tortoise, the boy shakes his head with the strangeness of it all, powered by an internal organ, a lungeyeart, as he studies how other people would describe a sensation and stores that form synonymously like a reliquary of Aspergers in a psyche tainted by an exquisite torture soon to fall apart like shoes from Marks Spencer, as a bottle whistles and rattles like an old kettle in a world of benign assimilation and disconnection, they take you without asking, change you without explaining, drop you without warning, look through you without caring, where crowded cities are the loneliest places on Earth , a chunk of ice adrift in an open ocean , humanity is that passenger on a crowded bus next to...

  2. Sarah says:

    Probably best to take this review with a pinch of salt as I am not someone who is really a fan of science fictionThis was kind of a cool concept but it didn t really work for me The writing was fine, and nothing about the book was all that bad, I just ha...

  3. Eileen says:

    This book was very engaging, interesting characters, great dialogue, intriguing plot and yet when I finished it I felt unsatisfied I have been reading a lot of YA fiction lately as I teach a book group for very high level middle school readers This book was a book I had high hopes for sharing with my class It has none of the boring factors I find in a lot of YA fiction such as obvious moral lessons and reliance on romance All 3 characters were interesting on their own and made for compelling situations together And the plot was very interesting I looked forward to reading it and thought about it when I wasn t It had everything a really good read should have but not enough I keep thinking all through the story, why doesn t the author do with this scene, it could be so much better I also wanted to know about the charact...

  4. Shaurya says:

    A beautifully painted trio of characters with a powerful concept that unfortunately, for me,unfolded into a straight road without any bone breakers The word play seems to be straight out of a school textbook, which on second thoughts some might fancy Again this is a must read, for...

  5. Musyira says:

    Well, well, this was a deliciously messed up book

  6. Adam says:

    This is a curious book, an anomaly In most science fiction where aliens are among us, they re either good or evil but in this story they re just alien and don t think in the way we do They don t bother anyone and no one really notices or cares, so they fit in and it doesn t matter If you agree the capital cities of Earth are international spaces now, no longer a part of the countries they are supposed to be in, this must be a common experience for people living in them If you don t know who your neighbour is and don t care who is standing in your street, wouldn t the same attitude apply to a well mannered alien invasion Would you let them get on with it I can t think of anyone writing on this subject in this way before now.The story follows lonesome teenagers in a transient space, then peculiarity becomes philosophy and the book soars away There are images everywhere, with pumpkin shoes and glass bridges and contrasting colours Why is...

  7. Lily Markova says:

    Reviewed by Susan Sewell for Readers Favorite Rating 4 Stars The Loneliest Whale by Lily Markova is an intriguing science fiction short story about other lifeforms living on earth and how they have been affecting our race for centuries Joy met Julius at the pier when they were fourteen He had been going through a change in the function of his brain, caused by an encounter with another species in the form of a twenty six year old man Because of Julius s abilities and his emotional capabilities, the young man s collective had deemed Julius a threat to the inhabitant subspecies of earth Joy was with Julius as he transformed and became his friend Five years later, the three are together again on the pier as the young man witnesses Joy telling Julius goodbye as she prepares to sail to India In a set of bizarre coincidences, starting with the song of a lone whale, the three are thrown together in an unlikely accident and turning the tables on the young man He loses his connection to his collect...

  8. Neil Carstairs says:

    A beautifully written SF novella that explores the meaning of life, friendship and fear of the unknown in an almost hallucinatory way Lily Markova has a talent for this style of writing that she showed in Immortown, but with The Loneliest Whale she has well and truly hit the ball out of the park.

  9. Linda says:

    If this was a painting, I would stare at it for hours Her writing is like art, stroking very softly, creating new dimensions Having the art of writing a science fiction without letting it feel like science fiction, letting it feel like something extraoridinary is something ...

  10. PassengerZero says:

    This book was recommended to me by a maniac and I downloaded it for free on a Kindle giveaway The first reviewer, Susan Sewell, wrote a plot summary but has missed the point completely This is a story of the immaterial an...

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