Prophet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant

Prophet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and TriumphantIn Early 1990, In Response To Apocalyptic Prophecies Given By Her Mother, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Erin Prophet Entered A Network Of Underground Bunkers In Montana Along With Members Of Her Mother S Church Universal And Triumphant, A Controversial New Age Sect Emerging To Find The World Still Intact, Erin Was Forced Into A Radical Reassessment Of Her Life And Her Beliefs She Had Spent Her Adolescence Watching Her Mother Vilified As A Dangerous Cult Leader Even While Attempting To Meet Her Expectations By Becoming A Prophet Herself

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Prophet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant book, this is one of the most wanted Erin Prophet author readers around the world.

[Read] ➵ Prophet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant By Erin Prophet –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Prophet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant
  • Erin Prophet
  • English
  • 01 March 2017
  • 9781599214252

10 thoughts on “Prophet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant

  1. Marko-Michael says:

    I was not far into the book I when realized that most people would not be able to relate to the material in quite the same way that those, like me, who had some connection to the teachings would.This is a work exposing the authors inner most pain, conflicts, and joys concerning unique and interesting psudo religious personalities, who just happen to be her parents.Erin Prophet s unrelenting honesty gives the reader some explanation as to the rise and fall of well meaning people given unchecked power And exposes our own all too human tendency to relinquish personal responsibility in a vain attempt to connect to the Infinite Power and make ourselves appear to matter in a vast universe.I was a staff member of another organization which, at the request of Elizabeth Prophet, disbanded and merged into one body moving toward we thought the same goal We lived several months in Colorado Springs 1975 taking classes at Summit University La Tourelle and were assigned to staff the Ashram in Los Angeles I finally left, disappointed, angry and physically ill, as the main organization was relocating to Forbes Royal Teton Ranch Years later I had some passing contact with one of the, now adult, children who helped me see that I was one of the very few people who ever received a direct apology a telephone call as I headed out the...

  2. Alex says:

    After finishing When Prophecy Failed in a streak of books on new religions , I grabbed this book from a shelf, one of the few I brought from the States from my old advanced proof collection The fit seemed too perfect to pass up, a feeling confirmed quickly when the Erin Prophet referenced the earlier book in the introduction We re lucky to have the account of a highly intelligent, educated woman who grew up near the center of a successful new sect and who could recount honestly and in detail how both she and her mother fell into the prophet s trap the demand for ever heavenly instructions on ever topics, culminating in specific, disprovable predictions and leading inevitably to mistakes and disappointment In the case of the Church Universal and Triumphant, it led to building massive, expensive, impressive sounding shelters in the Montana wilderness It s a fasci...

  3. Katharine says:

    The subtitle of Prophet s Daughter pretty much describes the subject matter it s a memoir by the daughter of a fairly well known New Age cult leader What it doesn t tell you is how surprisingly thoughtful, well written, and non scandal mongering it is It s a fascinating and even non biased portrait of Elizabeth Claire Prophet and how her role as all powerful Messenger corrupted her and led her whole religion astray The author unflinchingly examines her somewhat twisted relationship with her mother, and her own role in their ill fated project to build massive nuclear fallout shelters to prepare for the end of the world I m not sure how appealing the book would be to anyone who hadn t already some familiarity with the Church Universal and Triumphant some portions tend to be a little slow moving and ponderous as the author flashes back and forth between te...

  4. Jessi says:

    Quite a few of my friends have read this book and I agree with a couple of things they said One being that, if you don t live in the area and already know a little about the CUT, this may not be the book for you.Erin Prophet grew up in the Church Universal and Triumphant, her father was it s founder so she and her siblings were the heirs apparent to head up a thriving religion At least it was until Erin s mother, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, incorrectly prophesied that the world would end At the same time, Erin was having her own doubts about the church and eventually left.It s a fascinating glimpse into the church s side of what happened during their move to Montana So muc...

  5. Sverre says:

    Erin Prophet has written a fascinating expose of life with her parents Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, and her brother and sisters, in the cultish environment they created I have studied ECP s works for some years and was always put off by her reported autocratic and manipulative tendencies As an adult Erin was handed the keys to the kingdom and tried her best as a loyal daughter to fulfill that role But, as her mother succumbed to ill health and dementia Erin chose to listen to her inner sensibility and eventually to disassociate herself from the Church Universal and Triumphant organization This is a unique biography, at times a page turner, with an emotional ending Sensitive readers can t avoid feeling empathy for all those...

  6. Molly says:

    This story was fascinating to me because I was growing up about three hours from where it was happening I wasn t sure how the book was going to go, since it was written by one of Elizabeth Clare Prophet s daughters, but she mostly struck a good balance between compassionately portraying the church and religion while also exposing their dirt I had assumed the media were not completely accurate fair and balanced, natch in their coverage of Church Universal and Triumphant events in the early 90s, and this book helped set a lot of stories straight I also spent a lot of time juxtaposing this account with what I learned from a college classmate of mine, who grew up on the Ranch and still had belongings in storage in the shelters her parents still lived on the Ranch after the shelter cycle, though she went to a boarding high school on the east coast She, naturally, didn t think her church was full of kooks, and once I asked her about the weapons stockpiling She laughed it off and said it was actually just a couple of guys acting on their own, not that the media ever bothered setting the record straight Well, it turns out the attempted weapons cache was sanctioned by the highest ups, but they never told all the members On the whole, I think this is a very good account of CUT in Montana I do wish that the author was blunt about the veracity of her seeing, and that she had given a blow by blow account of her Oprah appearance it was referenced several times, but...

  7. Debra says:

    This was a fascinating insider s view of CUT, the Church Universal and Triumphant, which became famous notorious in the late 80s when its leader, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, announced that the Ascended Master, El Morya was telling her that the world was about to be punished for its bad karma with World War III As a result, the Church started building bomb shelters near Yellowstone Park, and amassing weapons When the prophesied even did not come to pass, thigs began to fall apart and many Church members began to lose confidence, including Prophet s daughter and seer in training Erin.There is much material in this book to support the growing body of literature showing that when groups begin to display cult like behavior they do so in astoishingly similar ways, and for this reason it is valuable I was also struck by the author s honesty about h...

  8. Angel says:

    It was very interesting for me to read this book I found it at a library sale I did not even know Prophet had a daughter The book provided me lots of insight to this organisation I have known of for about 20 years It was also interesting driving through montana billings, bozeman area while reading the book where lots of the events occ...

  9. Marjorie Elwood says:

    I m always sucked in by cult memoirs possibly because I wasn t raised in a religion and view them all in a somewhat suspect light and this is one of the well balanced ones Written by the daughter of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, she shows an awareness of both the darker side...

  10. Emily says:

    I agree with other Gardinerites that will probably be of interest to locals who know of the CUT I also thought it was an interesting story of the start of a new church that brought in a lot of money, that apparently survived the loss of their prophet, and is still active This is just the story of one person and one perspective Maybe I m being nosy, but I would have liked to hear about Erin s life outside of the CUT I m also interested in hearing from the...

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