My Remarkable Little Monkey

My Remarkable Little Monkey Marty Anderson Is Looking For Some Companionship And Decides He Must Have A Monkey It Is A Decision That Will Soon Change His Life The Capuchin Monkey He Purchases Turns Out To Be Than Just An Ordinary Little Tree Swinging Pet This Monkey, Named Shakespeare, Is Exceptionally Bright Marty Does Everything He Can Think Of To Accommodate His Furry Brilliant Friend, But It Just Doesn T Seem To Be Enough Join Marty And His Group Of Unforgettable Friends As They Try To Give Shakespeare A Proper Upbringing In An Unpredictable Human Oriented World In My Remarkable Little Monkey, The Outlandish Becomes A Reality And The Status Quo Becomes Unbelievable Once You Are Done Reading, You Ll Put This Book Down While Scratching Your Head And Wondering What Just Happened.

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  • My Remarkable Little Monkey
  • Mark Lages
  • 09 August 2018
  • 9781524690021

10 thoughts on “My Remarkable Little Monkey

  1. Olivia "Don& says:

    Adorable story of a man who decides to have a monkey as a pet Soon afterwards, the monkey starts talking and then starts doing other humanlike things I loved this book.

  2. Olivia Farr says:

    In typical Lages style, My Remarkable Little Monkey is a quirky story told in a conversational tone Here, we follow Marty who decides to buy a monkey and name him Shakespeare, after the Infinite Monkey Theorem that a monkey left in a room with a word processing computer for an infinite amount of time would type the words of Shakespeare perfectly without typos Shakespeare isn t just any monkey though he s exceptionally intelligent, able to talk and act like a human.Lages uses a very conversational tone in his books, so you feel like the narrator is talking to you casually, and this book is no different This style seems to move it along at a decent steady pace, although it does slow down towards the end and drag a bit later on The content is a bit odd but interesting, and perhaps less surreal than Lages s other books A highly intelligent monkey is not so far out of the blue Marty is a likable character and very perso...

  3. James says:

    An enjoyable novel chock full of ideas I think I enjoyed the first half of the book than the last half, but Mr Lages created an interesting premise and took it places I wasn t expecting Similar to but much enjoyable than ISHMAEL, this novel leaves the reader with many thoughts to ponder I...

  4. Susan Bennett says:

    A quirky tale that s fun to read I would have given five stars except I felt that the ending dragged a little.

  5. Gayle Slagle says:

    My Remarkable Little Monkey by Mark Lages is in a word remarkable There are many other adjectives that I could use to describe this little gem of a book such as insightful, quirky, off beat, unique, intriguing..but I am not sure any of them do it justice I am not going to give a summary of the book because if I did, I am pretty sure you would not choose to read it, which would be a mistake Now I like a book that has all of the attributes that I just listed, but when I read the blub on the book cover, I thought, Now, this might just be the silliest premise for a book ever, and to be frank, some of the story line is quite outside the box of realism or even believability However, I simply could not resist reading a book in which the main character is a monkey named Shakespeare, and I have no regrets that I opened it up and started reading away The book addresses many issues in a way that left me going hmmmmmm, and made me see things in an entirely n...

  6. Heather says:

    This is an unusual book It s about a Capuchin who is anything but ordinary It s a creative way for the author to share his philosophical views At first I thought it was a little predictable, but as I read I got really involved in the monkey s life and how it affected the characters I didn t mind the philosophical part because I mostly agree with the author however, if you have very firm views and opinions and happen to disagree with the author, you may not like that part of the book I think the author did a good job presenting his views in a non confrontational way.The author himself says, I anticipate some readers will find the absurd premise of this book hard to take seriously Perhaps some will even think it s a little childish, but this is not a children s book And if you ll give it a chance, I think you ll enjoy it I didn t think it too childish, and I did enjoy it He goes on to say, my objective is to tell a story that is entertaining an...

  7. Mandy Wultsch says:

    This is a story of Marty Anderson, a lonely young man, who gets than he bargained for when he buys a pet capuchin monkey Odd choice of a pet for many of us, but Marty is not exactly normal, either Marty is an independently wealthy orphan living by the beginning of the story His new pet monkey is christened Shakespeare and quickly becomes a character that readers will feel affection for The narrator is Marty, and Marty s love of Shakespeare shows in the way the story is told This pet becomes of a companion than many pets are Like it says in the theme to the Golden Girls, he becomes a friend and a confidant On the surface this is a fun story about a man with a pet monkey However, if the story was just about a pet monkey it could have been a picture book for kids, but the philosophical and ethical questions raised make this story intriguing on many different levels Answers for some of those questions are presented from the point of view of an amazingly bright even for a human monkey, his owner, and various other characters, but other questions are asked and the reader is left to think them over and answer for themselves Shakespeare serves as an intelligent observer of humanity, interacting with but not quite part of it, letting the reader reflect on the often co...

  8. Erin says:

    I was not expecting a monkey so remarkable that he could burp out a haiku but I got one I had mixed emotions while reading this book I thought it was a compelling enough read but towards the end, maybe the last 50 pages, I just wanted the author to wrap things up That doesn t happen very often but a monkey that could not only speak but do so while burping a haiku regained my waning attention That s talent but monkeys are trouble so that s where it ends.I feel like I started this review backwards lol I got a copy of this for free, thank you to the author and the publisher When I started reading this I thought it was a true story I would tell my sister about this crazy monkey book I was reading but it didn t take me long to realize it wasn t true The whole time I was reading it I d randomly update my sister about what was happening, all the while reminding her that it wasn t true I mean, most monkeys are of the poo flinging mentality and don t have much to say about the nuances of the English language Not Shakespeare He wrote books, could belch better than most teenagers, spoke, had an IQ greater than mine I m almost positive anyways , is toilet trained, and made a movie I m not sure why I wanted this to be a real story so badly but that didn t change my opinion of the book.Aside from the in...

  9. Tony Parsons says:

    I don t think I can say enough about this book 1 for the 2017 yr Marty Anderson not your typical playboy, has found you would say a roommate His name is Shakespeare The guy always gets the girl.Follow the adventure journey of Shakespeare, Marty Anderson 24, Berkley, UC Irvine Bus Sarah 18, Berkley, UC Irvine English.I think all state federal governments should be run by Shakespeare s I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover, great font writing style A very well written comedy book It was very easy for me to read follow from start finish never a dull moment There were no grammar typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists turns a great set of unique characters to keep track of This could also make anot...

  10. Sue Williams says:

    Marty is a very wealthy bachelor who has become disenchanted with the type of women he attracts All they want is to be part of his money He decides that what he needs is a pet, not an ordinary pet but a pet like a companion He decides to get a capuchin monkey The man he purchases the monkey from tells him that this little year old monkey is exceptionally smart which turns out to be an understatement He names his new pet William Shakespeare Shakespeare mimics everything Marty does and soon is trying to speak because Marty speaks As Shakespeare gets smarter and smarter, Marty realizes it is his duty to get Shakespeare an education Soon Shakespeare is talking and starting to read The story goes on to tell of the trials and tribulations of educating Shakespeare who turns out to be quite a philosopher.This is well written book and it is fun to see how Shakespeare deals with the world of humans.Much of what is in this book, as laid out by Shakespeare...

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