Sweeping Up the Heart

Sweeping Up the Heart A Novel About Loss, Loneliness, And Friendship That Tells The Story Of The Spring Break That Changes Seventh Grader Amelia Albright S Life Forever.Amelia Albright Dreams About Going To Florida For Spring Break Like Everyone Else In Her Class, But Her Father A Cranky And Stubborn English Professor Has Decided Florida Is Too Much Adventure.Now Amelia Is Stuck At Home With Him And Her Babysitter, The Beloved Mrs O Brien The Week Ahead Promises To Be Boring, Until Amelia Meets Casey At Her Neighborhood Art Studio Amelia Has Never Been Friends With A Boy Before, And The Experience Is Both Fraught And Thrilling When Casey Claims To See The Spirit Of Amelia S Mother Who Died Ten Years Before , The Pair Embarks On An Altogether Different Journey In Their Attempt To Find Her.

Kevin Henkes became an author illustrator when he was nineteen years old, working on a card table in his bedroom.Today he s the author of many award winning picture books and novels.

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  • ebook
  • 192 pages
  • Sweeping Up the Heart
  • Kevin Henkes
  • English
  • 12 March 2018
  • 9780062852571

10 thoughts on “Sweeping Up the Heart

  1. Melinda says:

    I love Kevin Henkes and this is a quiet, slow, deeply felt little book I m having trouble seeing a broad appeal to kids, if I m being honest, but the right kid at the right time could get a lot from it.

  2. Monica Edinger says:

    Exquisite I tend to shy away from sad, melancholy, poignant sort of books but decided to read this because Kevin Henkes It is all that, but I thought it gorgeous The title is from an Emily Dickenson poem and she is drifting above this story in a very light barely visible way Made me go look up the poem from which the title is taken as well as others Also had to refresh myself on her biography Have to admit I ve never gotten into Dickenson, but if anyone could change t...

  3. Jessica says:

    Beautiful, deceptively simple story about a spring break, during which Amelia thinks that nothing will happen because she isn t going anywhere But over the course of the week things happen that change her life in ways she never would have expected.

  4. Susan says:

    Thank you to the publisher and edelweiss for this DRC This is a sweet story about love and loss and how those two things shape our interactions with the people in our lives I empathized with the main character, Amelia I saw her clay creations, many of which were identical, as a reflection of how she was trying to hold on to what was comfortable in her life Change can ...

  5. Laura Harrison says:

    I don t know how Kevin Henkes does it Maybe it is his heart You can see it in every thing he creates Another masterpiece.

  6. Brittany says:

    Kevin Henkes is a Wisconsin treasure The word I most often want to use in describing his books is gentle and this one fits perfectly I didn t understand why he set this story in 1999 as opposed to any other year and Amelia read much younger th...

  7. Franki Sibberson says:

    I love Kevin Henkes MG novels Loved this one especially the characters.

  8. Melissa Sarno says:

    Reading this book is a beautiful lesson on economy of language I marveled at so many sentences, how absolutely perfect they were, conveying so much with so little.

  9. Sarah says:

    Review is of an advanced reader copyAn old soul book about an old soul child There is something almost hauntingly bittersweet about this novel Reminiscent of Cynthia Rylant s Rosetown, Sweeping Up the Heart focuses on a lonely little girl stuck at home over spring break When her emotionally distant father denies her pleas for a trip to Florida, Amelia instead spends her days molding clay at a local art studio It is there she encounters a new friend, Casper Together the pair sets out in search of signs from Amelia s long dead mother Perhaps it is the pre Y2K setting but the characters in this novel seem innocent than those one typically finds in the novels and streets today Amelia and Casper appear vulnerable and less jaded, thus making their thoughts and feelings readily accessible which in turn makes them much appealing than the children of today who cannot s...

  10. Sascha says:

    4 1 2 starsI haven t read a Middle Grade novel in a billion years, but since I decided to undertake one, I am so delighted that it turned out to be Kevin Henkes Sweeping Up the Heart.While Amelia wishes that she could be like the other kids who are off to Florida for Spring break, she finds herself stuck at home with her distant Professor father and Mrs O Brien, their neighbor, who has been there for Amelia since the death of her mother However, Amelia s life shifts within that week in ways she could never have guessed.This is such a gentle telling, exploring communication and the lack thereof, relationships unfolding, dissolving, and being rediscovered, and a world of imagination.While some of the storytelling and mood could seem melancholy, it is ultimately a novel filled with hope, especially as Amelia comes to terms with the people in her life and they come to terms with her , new...

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