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Daily Rituals More Of Mason Currey S Irresistible Daily Rituals, This Time Exploring The Daily Obstacles And Rituals Of Women Who Are Artists Painters, Composers, Sculptors, Scientists, Filmmakers, And Performers We See How These Brilliant Minds Get To Work, The Choices They Have To Make Rebuffing Convention, Stealing Or Secreting Away Time From The Pull Of Husbands, Wives, Children, Obligations, In Order To Create Their Creations.From Those Who Are The Masters Of Their Craft Eudora Welty, Lynn Fontanne, Penelope Fitzgerald, Marie Curie To Those Who Were Recognized In A Burst Of Acclaim Lorraine Hansberry, Zadie Smith From Clara Schumann And Shirley Jackson, Carving Out Small Amounts Of Time From Family Life, To Isadora Duncan And Agnes Martin, Rejecting The Demands Of Domesticity, Currey Shows Us The Large And Small And Abiding Choices These Women Made And Continue To Make For Their Art Isak Dinesen, I Promised The Devil My Soul, And In Return He Promised Me That Everything I Was Going To Experience Would Be Turned Into Tales, Dinesen Subsisting On Oysters And Champagne But Also Amphetamines, Which Gave Her The Overdrive She Required And The Rituals Daily And Otherwise That Guide These Artists Isabel Allende Starting A New Book Only On January 8th Hilary Mantel Taking A Shower To Combat Writers Block I Am The Cleanest Person I Know Tallulah Bankhead Coping With Her Three Phobias Hating To Go To Bed, Hating To Get Up, And Hating To Be Alone , Which, Could She Mute Them, Would Make Her Life As Slick As A Sonnet, But As Dull As Ditch Water Lillian Hellman Chain Smoking Three Packs Of Cigarettes And Drinking Twenty Cups Of Coffee A Day And, After Milking The Cow And Cleaning The Barn, Writing Out Of Elation, Depression, Hope That Is The Exact Order Hope Sets In Toward Nightfall That S When You Tell Yourself That You Re Going To Be Better The Next Time, So Help You God Diane Arbus, Doing What Gnaws At Her Colette, Locked In Her Writing Room By Her First Husband, Henry Gauthier Villars Nom De Plume Willy And Not Being Let Out Until Completing Her Daily Quota She Wrote Five Pages A Day And Threw Away The Fifth Colette Later Said, A Prison Is One Of The Best Workshops Jessye Norman Disdaining Routines Or Rituals Of Any Kind, Seeing Them As A Crutch And Octavia Butler Writing Every Day No Matter What Screw Inspiration Germaine De Sta L Elizabeth Barrett Browning George Eliot Edith Wharton Virginia Woolf Edna Ferber Doris Lessing Pina Bausch Frida Kahlo Marguerite Duras Helen Frankenthaler Patti Smith, And 131 On Their Daily Routines, Superstitions, Fears, Eating And Drinking Habits, And Other Finely And Not So Finely Calibrated Rituals That Help Summon Up Willpower And Self Discipline, Keeping Themselves Afloat With Optimism And Fight, As They Create And Avoid Creating Their Creations.

Mason Currey is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles His first book, Daily Rituals How Artists Work, was published by Knopf in 2013 and has been translated into 15 languages A sequel, Daily Rituals Women at Work, is out now.

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  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • Daily Rituals
  • Mason Currey
  • English
  • 22 May 2018
  • 9781524732950

10 thoughts on “Daily Rituals

  1. Kristen says:

    These little snippets are like crack to my soul.

  2. Elizabeth A says:

    I read and enjoyed the first book in this series, and appreciated that the author addresses the criticisms of that one in the introduction It s not all about dead white men after all.The basic message Prioritize your work Make time for it Get it done Like the first one, this is a collection of snippets from memoirs, biographies, interviews, letters, etc dealing with how 143 women artists g...

  3. Anna (lion_reads) says:

    This book had me compulsively reading the daily rituals of all these women writers, artists, performers, dancers I don t know what it is, but I find how people work absolutely fascinating I also appreciated Mason Currey s thoughtful author s and acknowl...

  4. Khulud Khamis says:

    I enjoyed reading this book so much As a writer and someone who is forever struggling with her writing process, I love reading about other women writers and artists writers, painters, architects, scientists, sculptors, performers, dancers, singers, composers and their rituals, their habits, and how they manage to integrate their work into their daily lives or, alternately, separate it A major thread running through many of these women s lives is the challenge of reconciling between their gender roles wives, mothers and their work Many were able to overcome this, some with the support of their husbands, others despite their husband s lack of support This is of a reference book, with about a page or two about each artist The reason I loved this book is because it includes these short profiles of some 150 artists in a condensed way, introducing the reader briefly to each artist, opening up to further reading So if you re intrigu...

  5. Emily says:

    I m a sucker for routines, so duh, I loved this so much that I made myself parcel it out over two weeks, reading a section or so to start or end each day I also SO appreciated the way Mason Currey opens, acknowledging his blind spot in the first Daily...

  6. teresa says:

    What it covers in breadth of many different women artists it loses in anything other than a cursory overview of how each artist approaches work I find the subject fascinating but yet I found myself bored of reading m...

  7. Karen says:

    Full Disclosure I received an ARC Advanced Release Copy of this book.Mason Currey has written an interesting book full of vignettes on creative women The book covered painters, sculptors, composers, singers, authors, and The book was trying to ascertain whether the daily rituals of these women affected their creativity Here are some things I gleaned from the book Each woman was unique and had her own pattern for her life Many women were early birds, particularly writers, although some writers chose the evening Many women were night owls, especially singers A few fit neither classification Some women worked in pajamas most of the day, while others felt the need to dress up complete with high heels for their work Some were blessed with seemingly endless energy and good health while others suffered from depression, tuberculosis, schizophrenia, and illnesses Some women followed rigid schedules, others just worked when they felt like it, and still squeezed in an hour or even half an hour whenever they could just to be able to keep up with family life and other demands Some lived healthy lifestyles with good eating habits and exercise Walking outside seemed to be a favorite exercise Others did not care about what they ate, totally avoided exercise, and used alcohol or drugs to self medicate and make them able to work Most of the women, no matter what field in which they worked, made a point of taking time to read every day Of tho...

  8. Audrianna Thompson says:

    I was raised by my mother, a creative soul and artist, and she was raised by her mother who is another creative soul and artist While the three of us and my younger sisters share creative blood that runs through our veins, we all enjoy different mediums, host different rituals, pay homage to various sources of inspiration, and deal with separate obstacles in our lives both internally and domestic.This book is a true testament of that and, for me specifically, a HUGE source of inspiration It s refreshing to read a book that houses so many stories of various creative minds that are female and deal with many of the same daily obstacles 143 women, to be exact I enjoyed learning about painters, dancers, furniture designers, fashion designers, writers, and so many others, like the famous Frida Kahlo, CoCo Chanel, Luisa May Alcott, and lesser known to me, at least artists like Marisol Maria Sol Escobar.Reading through each secti...

  9. Hannah Notess says:

    Oof, so it s tough I m glad this book exists admittedly, as a corrective to the writer s earlier book Did I get what I needed and wanted from it Absolutely not Lots of interesting vignettes So many were absolutely infuriating and enraging Clara Schumann s abusive husband it s not named in the book as abuse who WOULDN T ALLOW HER TO PRACTICE WHILE HE WAS IN THE HOUSE so she had to use the two hours he spent at the pub WTF And a surprising number or maybe not so surprising basically had to either wait for their husbands to die or they just straight up abandoned their families so they could do anything artistic Things that I wanted significantly discussion of paid childcare Zadie Smith has been open about her use of it and that support of her work, yet her vignette was pretty thin and didn t mention it and other domestic labor Wealthy women of the 19th ...

  10. Nancy Smith says:

    What a delightful little book Basically it is a short snapshot on how different women writers and artists of all types manage to be creative and still manage the day to day of their lives From Octavia Butler to Eleanor Roosevelt who wrote newspapers columns everyday to many it looks at women and the hard decision...

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