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The Peacock EmporiumFrom The 1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Jojo Moyes, The Story Of A Young Woman Who Finds New Meaning In Life After Opening An Eclectic Shop And Comes To Terms With The Secrets Of Her PastIn The Sixties, Athene Forster Was The Most Glamorous Girl Of Her Generation Nicknamed The Last Deb, She Was Also Beautiful, Spoiled, And Out Of Control When She Agreed To Marry The Gorgeous Young Heir Douglas Fairley Hulme, Her Parents Breathed A Sigh Of Relief But Within Two Years, Rumors Had Begun To Circulate About Athene S Affair With A Young Salesman.Thirty Five Years Later, Suzanna Peacock Is Struggling With Her Notorious Mother S Legacy The Only Place Suzanna Finds Comfort Is In The Peacock Emporium, The Beautiful Coffee Bar And Shop She Opens That Soon Enchants Her Little Town There She Makes Perhaps The First Real Friends Of Her Life, Including Alejandro, A Male Midwife, Escaping His Own Ghosts In Argentina.The Specter Of Her Mother Still Haunts Suzanna But Only By Confronting Both Her Family And Her Innermost Self Will She Finally Reckon With The Past And Discover That The Key To Her History, And Her Happiness, May Have Been In Front Of Her All Along.

Jojo Moyes is a British novelist.Moyes studied at Royal Holloway, University of London She won a bursary financed by The Independent newspaper to study journalism at City University and subsequently worked for The Independent for 10 years In 2001 she became a full time novelist Moyes novel Foreign Fruit won the Romantic Novelists Association RNA Romantic Novel of the Year in 2004.She is mar

[Ebook] The Peacock Emporium By Jojo Moyes –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The Peacock Emporium
  • Jojo Moyes
  • English
  • 16 March 2018
  • 9780735222335

10 thoughts on “The Peacock Emporium

  1. (ツ) Hache says:

    I m so relieved that I ve finished this I feel like I should get a medal for making it through this Any other author and I would have given up easily after the first couple chapters I m not an easy reader, I m not one of those people that can finish a book in a day so its really a miracle that I slugged through this and finished it.I would not recommend this to anyone who loves romances My thoughts while reading this BoredI want to give up..The main character Suzanna is depressing to read.BoringI feel sorry for her husband Neil So depressing.What the hell is this book even about I want to read something elseAnd this is all just 30% that I read.I hated how her husband Neil was treated, he desperately just wanted kids and Suzanna s attitude to all that was just a complete inconvenience to her I felt like Neil was wasting his time with her and should just divorce her, she definitely didn t deserve him I mean she s nearing 35 he s nearly 40, she s not getting any younger and there been together for 10 or so years, If she didn t want kids then she should have let her husband go so he could have a future with someone else Every interaction she has with her husband I kept thinking poor Neil I felt sorry for him for staying with Suzanna who felt to me was completely dead inside If Neil was some drunk or cheater I would have accepted her and Alejandros relationship but he wasn t some awful husband He didn t deserve having Suzanna as a wife.Another character I felt sorry for was Vivi, she was definitely under appreciated by her family Everything she did for her husband, her mother in law, she felt like of the maid, you could tell she loved her husband than he loved her and even though Suzanna isn t tecniqully her biological daughter she raised and loved her as her own anyway, I felt Suzanna to be a complete bitch towards her.Reading this book actually made me depressed, literally drained of energy Yes I could have given up, could have tossed it aside and forgot I ever picked it up, but the weird thing was was that I just had to finish it, it became an addiction towards the last quarter, however messed up the characters were I just had to know how their lives ended Jojo Moyes did a great job in story telling, weaving all these characters together I don t know if I regret reading this book though, its not like I learnt anything If I had to describe to someone what this book is about, I don t know what I would say, I m still not even sure what it was about A women s journey of being a bitchy unhappy depressed women to finding happiness Is this book sad view spoiler Yes. depressingly sad hide spoiler

  2. etherealfire says:

    I won this ARC in a GoodReads giveaway I ve been a big fan of Jojo Moyes since first discovering her work in One Plus One While this one was a bit difficult to get into at first, by the time I was halfway through the book I was entranced and completely moved by the final pages.

  3. Carmen de la Rosa says:

    Un drama encantador sobre la familia y el amor escrito maravillosamente Otra historia asombrosa de Jojo Moyes Suzzana, una chica defectuosa e infeliz, es frecuentada y moldeada por su pasado a pesar de que ella sabe poco sobre ello Su vida se ha puesto al rev s y en la b squeda de una manera de vivir una vida aut ntica y feliz, abre su tienda obstinadamente siguiendo su coraz n La tienda se convierte en el catalizador para una nueva vida y una nueva confianza para Suzzana, aprender qui n es y encontrar el amor, la amistad y disfrutar de la compa a de otros Debo reconocer que al principio no me gust Suzanna, pero una vez que entiendes m s sobre su vida familiar y ver c mo su car cter evolucionas, tiendes a tomarle cari o.Me aloque un poco cuando le facetas de misma en Suzzana y en otros personajes interesantes que conforman esta historia tan sensatamente contada Jojo inyecta la vida en sus personajes de una manera que ning n otro autor maneja.Suzanna Peacock y la gente que forma parte de su vida, sus penas, sus peque as alegr as, sus agon as, sus errores, todo es pintado por Jojo Moyes de una manera deliciosa En su estilo caracter stico hay suspenso, sorpresas aleatorias y por supuesto cada personaje es nico.La historia se divide en el tiempo, visitamos el pasado para obtener algo de la historia de fondo y luego llegar al presente con Suzanna y la acumulaci n de los personajes y la historia que eventualmente todos se enlazan entre s Suzanna es el personaje principal, pero esto no se hace evidente hasta m s adelante en la historia Mientras disfrutaba de esta historia, me pareci que al principio iba a paso lento y no fue hasta que consegu llegar hasta despu s de la pagina 100 que realmente la historia me mantuvo adicta a su lectura Y es que a medida que cada cap tulo comienza el lector es inicialmente envuelto en el misterio acerca de qui n es el sujeto y que eran los eventos que estaban teniendo lugar Sin embargo, como el libro evoluciona, el misterio se resuelve y el rompecabezas de las vidas de los personajes toma forma El libro no es inusual en su mayor a, ya que implica una multitud de emociones humanas y de relaciones marcadas pero es un libro con muchos mensajes fuertes Es la historia de las diferencias generacionales, las culturas cambiantes y la construcci n de la confianza Este ltimo es especialmente dif cil despu s de toda una vida de negaci n y fabricaci n Hay algunos temas clave en los que trabaja Jojo Moyes el tema de las mentiras y el enga o, los roles que el dinero y el estatus juegan en la compleja red del matrimonio es otro El libro tom algunas vueltas que no esperaba, pero en ltima instancia es una historia de c mo la familia forma nuestra creencia en s mismo y las decisiones simples que toman las personas y la complejidad de por qu lo hacen.En algunos puntos, esta historia se qued rezagada, pero yo estaba lo suficientemente interesada para seguir leyendo Me alegro de haberlo hecho, ya que me pareci un libro muy satisfactorio y gratificante La forma en que maneja estos contratiempos es una medida de hasta d nde ha llegado en su desarrollo personal Se podr a pensar que una novela con tantas capas puede complicar demasiado las cosas y obstaculizar el proceso de lectura, pero honestamente puedo decir que esto nunca fue un factor para m , s lo disfrutaba sumergirme en la vida de las personas fascinantes que Jojo Moyes cre.

  4. Jennifer says:

    A bit confusing in my opinion, but good once the ending brings everything together The Peacock Emporium reflects Jojo Moyes much earlier work as it was first published 15 years ago Moyes has grown as a writer by leaps and bounds since then but this novel was still an interesting read that alternates timeframes and heroines.My favorite quote Because that was it, loving someone, wasn t it The knowledge that, if nothing else, you wanted them to be happy Audiobook narrated by Elizabeth Sastre, Christine Rendel, and Fabio Tassone.

  5. LindyLouMac says:

    I did enjoy this eventually it took for me an exceptionally long time to read, over a week I found it very slow and it took me ages to feel involved enough in the story to want to read much than a chapter at a time The first few chapters are important as they introduce the reader to the history of the heroine s family background At the time this may seem irrelevant but persevere and read beyond this and it will all click into place.The protagonist is Suzanna Peacock who with her husband has returned to live in the small country town of her birth An emotionally disturbed young woman she has a lot to come to terms with in her life, especially her past and the way her mother though long dead still seems to affect her happiness The only place Suzanna seems to be comfortable with herself is in the Peacock Emporium the shop she opens and it is here we learn the stories of the complex cast of characters that are drawn to the Emporium A series of dramatic events threaten Suzanna s stability but in true chick lit style there is a happy ending.

  6. Pilar says:

    A pesar de que Jojo tiene un patr n de novelas muy concreto, historia del pasado que se cruza y afecta al presente, me gusta mucho la sensibilidad que tiene en su escritura y la forma de contar las cosas m s dram ticas sin ser una tragedia griega En esta historia nos cuenta la forma en la que el pasado, nuestra forma de entenderlo y recordarlo afecta a lo que somos Hay personajes con los que no he congeniado mucho, pero es de admirar la forma de la autora de perfilar distintas personalidades y formas de ver la vida Me falt un poco de la historia de Vivi y Douglas, sobre todo la parte m s emocional, porque la parte pr ctica de la relaci n queda bastante clara.

  7. Jessica says:

    I never write reviews but I had to for this book If Jojo Moyes meant to write the worlds most annoying main character, Suzanna Peacock, then she is a wonderful author mission accomplished.

  8. Marisa Sauco says:

    La historia me encant la traducci n, no tanto.

  9. Toni says:

    JoJo Moyes came onto my radar with her two books about her caretaker role with her handsome, intelligent patient in, Me Before You and After You I believe half the world, okay maybe half the women in the world, discovered her with these two phenomenal books and the movie that soon followed This then forces me to pose an unpopular question Why release this book, Peacock Emporium written in 2004, a very early book for Moyes, already released in the UK then, NOW in the US Don t get me wrong, it s a decent book, but clearly not her best, just an early try We know she s improved as a writer enormously We love her books, in fact, we love her Maybe her publisher thought, her fans just want her books ALL THE TIME, why don t we give them this too Ok, I ll buy that but please make sure you put the original 2004 date as when written, and 2019 as the US publication Otherwise, US fans will be confused.As far as my review of the book Athene Foster is a spoiled rich girl who loves to have fun, and I mean FUN She literally seduces the most eligible money bachelor into marriage She has an affair gasp and produces a daughter, Suzanna Peacock, who 35 years later opens up, The Peacock Emporium a quaint, bold, and eclectic coffee shop in her original hometown, during the 1960 s Gotta shock all Grandmumi s old friends, right Most of the book is about Suzanna, and her long suffering husband, Neil It s worth reading to the end because there it gets better Read it, you might like it Opinions are all my own.I thank NetGalley, Penguin Books, and JoJo Moyes

  10. MaryG2E says:

    I was not sure what I was getting into when I started this book By the end I was enchanted by the story In the Swinging Sixties, the glamorous spoilt socialite Athene appears to have it all, but she has a big fall from grace and disappears, leaving an infant daughter Suzanna The daughter has fraught, complicated relationships with her remaining family, which has led to bad feelings and social distance between them Suzanna eventually finds a kind of liberation in the shop that she opens in her village She builds a whole new community of interesting and caring people who walk through the door of her emporium Through them she learns about the real world than she did in her previous 30 something years of sheltered life as the difficult, moody child of a well to do family In time Suzanna learns that many of the planks on which her childhood, young adulthood and marriage were built were lies, and she has to deal with some unpleasant truths How well she handles these setbacks is a measure of how far she has come in her personal development.There are some key themes that Jojo Moyes works through the issue of lies and well meant deception, versus the right to know is an important one The roles that money and status play in the complex web of marriage is another.At some points, this story lagged but I was interested enough to keep reading I m glad I did, as I found it a very satisfying and rewarding book.

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