Broken Veil (Harbinger #5)

Broken Veil (Harbinger #5) Reading Broken Veil Harbinger 5 Author Jeff Wheeler Contra Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Jeff Wheeler S Epic Harbinger Series Comes To A Breathtaking Conclusion As Two Women Are Swept Into A Battle That Could Destroy Two Worlds.Rescued From A World Of Poverty, Cettie Pratt Has Avoided A Bleak Destiny Until Now Deceived And Manipulated, She Has Been Groomed For The Ultimate Betrayal To Destroy Her Best Friend And Stop Peace From Uniting Two War Torn Worlds Her Path Leads Her To A Mysterious Underworld Where Appearances Can Be Deceiving.Sera Fitzempress Knows The Value She Has To Her Enemies As Heir To The Empire, She Must Keep Her Foes At Bay And Prevent Them From Unleashing A Being Of Unspeakable Evil Upon The World While Fighting A Brutal War But Her Enemies Are Cunning Than Sera Expects, And The Key To Their Plans Is None Other Than Her Best Friend.Neither Woman Knows What To Believe Neither One Knows If She Can Trust The Other Both Cettie And Sera Have Made Decisions That Have Irrevocably Changed Them But The Decisions They Have Yet To Make Will Determine The Fate Of Their World Jeff s blog

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  • 12 June 2017

10 thoughts on “Broken Veil (Harbinger #5)

  1. Jonah ❤️LIBROCUBICULARIST❤️ says:

    5 Whole Stars and I will give if I couldI cannot tell you how beyond excited I was when I receive this advanced copy for this awesome conclusion of Harbinger Series First of all, I so LOVE the cover art and I would like to give major props to the designer It s very impressive and it tells you how fantastic and magnificent the Sky Manors are that Jeff Wheeler created The veil within the universe had broken In this finale, Cettie of the Fells and Empress Sera s characters evolved in so many ways I could count From Sera s selfishness to a great ruler of her Kingdom and Cettie, who rose from poverty to an even wiser woman she had become I had goosies reading it from the very beginning till the end It s a very gripping book that I read it in one seating This became one of my favorite page turner book this year And then there are some characters I Love to Hate And I have never hated someone like I hated Dolores Umbridge Then there s this character that reminds me of Ms Trenchbull from Matilda from book one Hate, above all, is the greatest...

  2. Sue Olp says:

    This is one book I was waiting on pins and needles to read Broken Veil is the fifth in the Harbinger series, written by fantasy author Jeff Wheeler, who I think is a master at building suspense And truth be told, Prism Cloud, book four in the series took readers including me on a roller coaster ride that left me wrung out Characters I thought I knew went in different directions and left me wondering how Wheeler could possibly tie all the strings together in the last book of the series and help me make sense of their choices And by the end of Broken Veil he had done just that He also employed a technique I really like of dropping in characters from past books that added a nice touch Wheeler does this in a way that doesn t take anything away for readers who are first timers to this world he has created, but provides a little reward to those who hav...

  3. Tessa Dysart says:

    I really liked the beginning of this series, and I have read many, if not most, of Jeff Wheeler s books, especially the ones set in this same world But, I didn t love this final book in the Harbinger series and I didn t really love book 4 either I think that my biggest complaint was that it just got too complicated The...

  4. Gwendolyn Brooks says:

    I think one of my favorite things about this series is the level of personal development that each character goes through as the story unfolds I like the themes of the hero s quest, that our character is developed by our choices both great and small, and that redemption is possible when we recognize and openly confess our faults and then work towards not repeating them in some other form I especially liked the way the relationships between the characters grew and developed throughout this series Today, there are a number of high fantasy works coming out, especially after the great commercial success of Game of Thrones, but, it s nice that this isn t a cookie cutter imitation of GOT in terms of world building There is great good, and evil, in this world, but, the author is able to illustrate it without resorting to profanity or overt sexuality Now, I did enjoy both the novels and screen adaptation of G...

  5. Philip Lane says:

    A great conclusion to a great series I always devour Jeff s books whenever a new series is released and now, alas, I must endure the wait for the next one Redemption, hope, treachery, deceit, torture, and love mix together with a little help from The Medium or is it The Knowing, or even The Founta...

  6. Madeleine Myers says:

    I have put off writing this review because I struggled with the 5 stars I always want to give Jeff Wheeler s amazing books Like so many other readers, I found Book 4 in this series painfully grim, the tension unrelieved, except for the brief interplay between Sera and Trevon, which fell a bit short of Wheeler s handling of the romantic interests of his other series I did not think Cettie would give in to the myriad ones so easily, and her true father s death was almost too much After such a cliffhanger at the end of Book 4, and the long wait for Book 5, I read the book too fast the first time and then felt it deserved another reading in case I missed some of the answers and resolutions I had hoped to see in the series finale I also felt a lack of balance between the pain and torment of the main characters, and the glimmers of hope and promise of justice offered by the medium fountain, or at least a relief from tension, at the start of Book 5 My second reading did resolve some issues, although I did hope for some hint of Trevon s fate at the start I m sure the suspense had its purpose, though, but I still agree with some of the other reviewers that the solutions seemed to have been rushed, and a little attention to the joyful reunions and repairing of broken relationships would have helped My favorite among Wheeler s series, the ones that offer a uniquely complex and engaging development of relationships between characters, are ...

  7. Iryna Paprotska says:

    I loved how the story unfolded in the Broken Veil and how the trilogy ended I do think this is an awesome conclusion of Harbinger Series Bringing back Owen and the nostalgic memories the way Jeff does is very pleasa...

  8. Kryssi D& says:

    I love that he alludes to a new series.

  9. Taylor Rodriguez says:

    I have been waiting for this final book to come out and am so grateful to have received an ARC I must say this book did not disappoint I devoured it with such a sense of anticipation Honestly my heart was constricted for most of it And in the end I am left quite satisfied with how everything pulled together It is always a joy to...

  10. Suz says:

    3.25Wheeler still managed to get a lot of the don t ask questions and the sky daddies will take care of you, you will be able to claim nobility in action, free will is the downfall of humanity drivel in this one, too.If you can overlook that call to inaction it was a somewhat satisfying end to what I think is the best of the series in Wheeler s universe It was certainly emotionally evocative even if a bit over fraught with self flagellation in spots I can t help but wonder if the last thoughts of the missionaries who have recently been killed by native tribes in remote ar...

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